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Default SNOW on World4

Greetings Toggers

As Many of you would know I am the Great Grand Son of the Great Explorer QuaziDuck, who tragically got lost on the old Survival World.

Well in the spirit of Quazi I have foudn a brillient new land, sure it's over 2000 squares from anyone apart from me (it's only 1000 squares away for me).

I bring you SNOW

Travel to this place I have made easier for you all, via the construction of a portal!!!

To Get to the portal via the nether ( a meer 200 blocks away) follow the cobble passages

Enjoy lads, I would ask all to respect this land hehehehe
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And the rush is on to find pumpkins and create snowman armies....


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I was watching an area ice up block by block last night.

Interesting thing was blocks of snow, on the water! (not ice, but snow, you could move through it) maybe it was ice forming.
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Wasn't there ice underneath then? I've heard that with recent updates snow will form on ice.
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I believe that there is a glitch where the snow is place on terrain, the the generator decides that that bit is water, but leaves the snow behind. You can get floating snow too.
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