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Default Steam Group - (I know MC is not a steam game lol)

Hi Sor

Can I make a suggestion (see no multiplayer server makes me bored and makes me think...two very dangerous combo's)

Are you interested in starting a steam group for Minecraft people .... lets face it we are all on steam (at least 98%) and it makes for an awesome tool to contact each other with in real time as well as allows you to make announcements and post events ( I am happy to start one but think if you do Sor that the 'ownership rights and edit rights should be with the DC of the div and their admins)

Also the announcements rock for those who dont spend alot of time in forums, so when you put up polls you can send an announcement over the steam group and hopefully those who dont frequent the forums will make the effort to come in and have their say as the announcement shows on their PC as soon as they load steam

If you make the steam group invite only but make the profile public it is also a great advertising tool .. basically people will see others they have on their 'steam friends' lists on the group and might be keen to join or find out what TOG or the TOG minecraft Div is about, in your profile write up you can list links etc to TOG

anyhoo ... just an idea what do you think?
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too hard!!!!

but chat to Mad Max he is in a group or something I am his friend I know that much, steam is well another thing I will look at one day
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This has been discussed various times and for various reasons I said no to any official group. I do not use Steam except by necessity and I have little of that. Therefore being one of the uncited 98% is pretty meaningless. I want this forum to remain the official means of communication and I don't want players to expect announcements in any other locations, especially not ones that I as DC don't frequent.

Players are welcome to use Steam or any other database however they like, but as far as I am concerned, this forum is TOG, not a third party tool.


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I didn't start the group, I just invited a few people.

Sorontar was invited but he is a stubborn bugger lol

Everyone is welcome to join.

The steam group isn't meant to replace the forum nor BE the minecraft group, simply an extra tool to connect. I don't understand the stubbornness to be honest.
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I don't mind people having a steam group but I don't want an official one, as I don't like the expectations that people have of it.

And I think people are stereotyping gamers too much. Steam is not the thing for everyone, especially not me.


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Yeah I don't use steam either, well some of my games are launched from it, but that's about it.
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I'm pro-Steam for those that use it. As MineCraft plays in a window mode it should leave the Steam functions to run from the desktop. Would be great if MineCraft allowed the alt-tabbing for the Steam info though.

I don't have Steam running on my computer by default so I don't make much use of the tools it provides unless I'm playing a Steam game.
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