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Default Java Update

I have spent the last week or so mucking around on SP and building stuff with the kids, its fun.

I got a Java update last night and now the game seems to be crashing, just gos to saving chunks then black screen.

Sorry if its a noob question.

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Check this forum: Support - Minecraft Forum
It looks like there are more people having this problem.
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do not use the latest Java (6 is good 7 is bad) and also change your "view distance" to normal instead of Far

that worked for me.
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If you are using Windows 7 64 bit then this fixed it for me:


or this...

Minecrafting 101
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Thanks guys, looks like I might have a corrupted save file

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Yeah our map that did that, it would getcrazy choppy with frame rates measured not per second, but like one in 10sec or so. If you left "the bad areas" it went back to normal.

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