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Default For Manuzza (and anyone else)

You know the pig spawner food maker you made.... well I found a better way of doing it
(this is in my game)

I started out trying to replicate yours, with the cactus... but I couldn't work out how you did it, so then I figured if I use lava, I might end up with cooked pork.. and yes, you do - YAY!

I built mine into a hill, so the business end is mostly hidden from view (aesthetics, you know ) Though it's got a glass roof so you can stand there and watch it all working away.

I did discover though that if you're making it indoors.... you need enough roof clearance, or things get a bit out of hand....

anyhoo.... So you just go down the stairs and stand in front of collection hole to grab your tasty goodies....

I did have some trouble figuring out how to do the lava (which is why I hadn't noticed the place had become overrun with pigs until I went out to do something, and was a little surprised to see pigs as far as the eye could see!).... so I ended up googling.... so it's using the lava over ladder trick

Sometimes their tasty pork gets cooked for you, other times it comes out raw. But that's ok.

(while I was building this, I kept hearing zombies, so I went to investigate and found a spawner only about 5 block behind my pig farm here! which is cool, because then I'm close enough so the pig farm keeps making tons of meat while I'm down playing with the zombies!)

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I call it the lava knife I use that for all my mob traps. Have a really nice working one on our older survival server atm. It works very well. Though I usually funnel everything into a 3x5 room with a 5 wide lava knife over the collection hole.
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