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Sorontar 9th November 2011 08:22 PM

Happy anniversary to the Minecraft Division!
Congratulations to everyone for a year of building magnificent structures, mining big holes in the ground and battling green creepers as a TOG Division. We have gone from a single peaceful world with no damage to a survival universe that has explosions and arrows around every corner in multiple dimensions. With version Beta 1.8, we are now facing even more challenges and opportunities. Who knows what Notch will throw at us on 18-19 November when version 1.0 is finally released.

To commemorate this occasion we are running two new worlds for a day or so. The first, Tir na Tog, is run in the new Creative mode so you can fly around and build with access to an infinite supply of anything without having to fear any monsters or other animals getting in the way. There is a border to the world but 4000x4000 blocks is pretty large. There is no damage and no hunger so may your creative appetite be quenched. Build something big, bold, bright and brilliant. Or better still, join with others and find an area to build to a theme. One idea was to build a Minecraft version of the Las Vegas strip or something similar. Or maybe you want to build a mega-sized Spleef arena, or may be a large garden.

But not everything is new. For those who would like to see how far we came in the first year, we are running a copy of the first world we played on - the Creative World. This is where we started before we were a Division. But this time, we are playing it with the threat of monsters included. Hence it is called Creepy Creative! All the buildings are as they were when we stopped using the world, but now the spawn village has endermen and creepers walking about our houses. They can and will attack you so you will have defend yourself. You see, we never thought of defenses when we built on the Creative world. So you can revisit your old haunts but beware that that term has other meanings. You might have a skeleton literally in your closet now!

CreepyCreative has /teleport and /home commands as before. I have not got the /warp working yet. The difficulty is set to hard, and you will need food and weapons if you are going to survive long. You are welcome to build up fortifications etc but please respect other players' buildings.

So celebrate playing Minecraft in the Division however you like to best - build or survival or both. Something old and something new!

Division Captain

Sorontar 9th November 2011 09:00 PM

In addition, for those who want to see how we have progressed from the very start, I recommend having a look at the Division's calendar. We have made entries back to when the Creative World was first started in September last year ( Most entries have a link to pictures or a forum thread, including maps for the first few weeks.

The very first world was the Creative world, which was actually a survival world but without any of the survival aspects having been added yet by Notch. So we had no fall damage, tools that repaired themselves when dropped and no monsters. However, we still had to mine for our resources. The first truly survival world (called strangely enough Survival world) didn't come until January 2011.

Sorontar 9th November 2011 09:37 PM

:( I can't get the /warp command working for CreepyCreative. Sorry folks, but this is the problem with non-official mods. It worked on my personal worlds but for some reason won't work yet on TOG's servers.

However, /teleport works as does /home. /home is using your old settings for the Creative world, so you can set them to be publicly accessible, e.g. /home Sorontar to go to my home (once I reset it). So I hope you can still journey around a bit without having to do it all manually.


Sorontar 9th November 2011 11:45 PM

I have also given everyone access to the following commands for Tir na Tog:
/time day
/time night

Don't abuse them :)


DarkDuck 10th November 2011 07:09 AM


Originally Posted by Sorontar (Post 3327906)
I have also given everyone access to the following commands for Tir na Tog:
/time day
/time night

Abuse them :)


Fixed - will do boss

Reoh 10th November 2011 07:13 PM

My minecraft is down. )=

I need to check and change password on my PC but its down right now, tried setting up the new one and it died. swapped the card back and it won't boot either. I'm worried the mobo fried my 5850. XD

Until I can get it up, can't access my eeeeemail. )=

Sorontar 10th November 2011 08:56 PM


Originally Posted by Reoh (Post 3328824)
My minecraft is down. )=


We got a decent showing last night, especially on Tir na Tog. It certainly was a little wierd flying around and having an infinite supply of anything. People managed to find dungeons without mobs and eventually even the stronghold and an abandoned mine. Good fun.

But not everything was finished. I don't want to spend too long on these worlds and deprive you of Sanctuary and World4, but I would like to give everyone an opportunity to join in on either world. What do people think of us leaving the anniversary worlds up a few more nights? Until the end of Friday or the entire weekend?

Also, I am expecting a prerelease 5 [edit: I mean 6] to be released very soon (maybe tonight). We can only "test" that on World 4.


Misnik 11th November 2011 12:19 PM

Both suggestions sound good. Would like at least one more day/ usual I let the construction take over and it came out a little larger than I imagined. :D

Reoh 11th November 2011 02:19 PM

I'm probably going to have my pc's off for a bit so don't hold it up just on my account.

DeeP 11th November 2011 08:06 PM

same .. Would like at least one more day/night :D:D:D:D

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