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Old 4th January 2012, 03:04 PM   #11 (permalink)
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Oh, my project is off to a slow start as well, and I won't be rushing it like I did one World4. I didn't end up near you, Marvel. Nothing I found on the tour of that ocean topped the mountain I found near spawn for all of the qualities I was looking for....overhand on the ocean, low enough to build very tall spires (< 90 at the top), flat spot nearby for a farm, etc. The harbor was just a bonus.

I did manage to travel around that ocean (except for the spot that I hit the boundary), so the SW ocean shores will be mapped at least, next Sunday.

After I finally settled on where I was, and set up my markers, the map came out and I saw that there were many other mountains that might be suitable, but I ended up keeping the one I have....in some ways, its nice to be closer to spawn....I may eventually build a road to spawn, and my little harbor might make a nice launch point for intrepid explorers.
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This project is now finished with some screens:

Haven't decided what's next yet..
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I have been working on sanctuary on the Castle ...its a little project that will only take me 6 years to complete lol

nah seriously with creative it is coming along nicely .. come check it out if you can

I plan to invite everyone for a 'Night at the Castle' when its complete ... we will have games, a maze, boat race through the little river, a treasure hunt (find the secret passage) and go pig hunting on the little island connected with only arrows to see who can collect the most meat ... will keep u posted


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I found a skeleton spawner that was 26 blocks from the surface. As they need to fall 23 blocks for a mob trap it meant I could incorporate it with some sort of surface structure. To keep this in theme I've just finished building a massive Skull Hall sandstone skull wearing a stone helmet.

The helmet has sandstone horns. I have slightly messed up the tips of the horns so will need to try and figure out what I did differently on each side. This is where flying would have been an asset.

Below the skull is the skeleton mob trap where you can quickly gain XP (around a level a minute I guess) and can also grab heaps of loot. Please feel free to make use of this.

You can reach this by taking the spawn portal. Once you reach my portal head North along the short bridge. You will see the Skull Hall in front of you.

Also, I don't know if others are struggling with sand and sandstone but there is a desert just a short distance from the hall to the North West.

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Still blowing things up in World of Tanks, so not started my creative bent yet!
Though, based on that, I may build a small tank collection. Alternatively I may just build another castle
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Old 8th January 2012, 10:36 AM   #16 (permalink)
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The monster trap is functional but still well below operation level; its about 30% done now. So it is making some materials have gotten a full stack of each so far in the little bit I've used it.

So now that I have a little bit of stone to work with I have started on my main house. Its a little NE of spawn in the swamp I haven't seen any signs of anyone else work over here, and during the load lag several times running to my corpse I haven't seen anything underground either. So I don't think I'm on top of anyone.

I have most my outer wall frame spaced out and on the ground..its already looking a bit larger than I might have expected...as usual >.<;;

If you head over in that area it should be fairly obvious, but the middle 'interior' space is still quite open between the walls. I do plan on building something in the middle after I get the outer ring structure done. So I hope noone takes up shop in this space now. It should be fairly visible on the next map update I hope.

edit: up in this area: http://tog.swoit.as/minecraft/mc6_fr...dZ=-110&zoom=4
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Old 9th January 2012, 01:07 AM   #17 (permalink)
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Not sure what I will build on Frontier yet but I have staked a small claim in the northern reaches of the swamp just north of spawn. Just torches for the moment with a little hobbit hole but I will start building as I get a stock pile of materials and learn not to die as much

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Made a small house just east of the spawn on Frontier, bordering the forest and swamp. Currently surrounded by cacti as I had a bit of a spider plague.. Will replace them with a suitable wall when I get the time. Have also just reached bedrock below and set up a couple farms of wheat and sugar cane at ground level. Will have some bread to give back to the community chests too soon. Also planning to build a small sailing ship in the bay next to the house if there are no objections and I find the time..
Only been here a couple days and it's the longest i've gone on an SMP server without having my chests looted. Loving it.
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Old 9th January 2012, 04:41 AM   #19 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Espesh View Post
Only been here a couple days and it's the longest i've gone on an SMP server without having my chests looted. Loving it.
Can you please be more explicit where you hid the chests? We've been looking but can't find them.
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Old 9th January 2012, 01:13 PM   #20 (permalink)


I'm currently working on protecting the slaves citizens of the NPC village. The castle is first and then the protective shield wall with drawbridge will be next.

Just have to work out why they all wander off into the nearby lake and spend their days endlessly bobbing around...

Have a zombie spawner set up right under my castle (simple low tech setup) and am stockpiling iron & gold for a monorail system.

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