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Sorontar 3rd January 2012 01:43 PM

What are your building plans for Sanctuary and Frontier?
Now that we have had a look at both the new worlds in their expanded glory, I was wondering what people's building plans were for both. I know that many of you have already started construction on one or both of the worlds.

Are you planning to make a mega-size mob trap, or just a place to call home? Do you want to build a city? Or is a fully functional railway system your plan? Perhaps 2D or 3D artworks instead. Or maybe recreating architectural masterpieces from the real world.

Or is it all just too secret to even hint at?

Personally, I have been working intensely on Sanctuary on the Serene Stronghold of Sultan Sorontar, a castle based (very) loosely on Prince of Persia. I intend on including secret passages and rooms. I have been doing it in Creative mode to speed things up, so the sultan likes being a bit liberal with his gold and diamonds (coz they look nice, honest!). I am yet to pick a place in Frontier, so I haven't quite worked out what to build there. I tend to be guided by the terrain.


MadMax 3rd January 2012 02:26 PM

No specific plans for me. I've found a spot I like, marking it out, while discovering the many caves in the area (marking them for exploration), and like I usually do, just have a home built into an initial hole in the mountain and expanding it room by room when the urge takes me. I'm setting up a second base for my daughter in the same region too. While I do all that I'll see where the inspiraion takes me, if at all.

Misnik 3rd January 2012 04:46 PM

Might still tweak the spawn tower a bit, like eventually will try to get all the chests on the 2nd floor instead of basement. All the nooks along the walls are for chests. Someday would like to keep going up but at the current point its livable for now :D

With The massive apartment tower across the way don't need to worry too much about extra rooms.

So what little time I can do has been slowly working on the mob tower I mentioned before. I set a sign and a bunch of blocks and torches to set the area aside from the spawn direction a long time ago. Just going to be for monster items and not exp. Though this will probably be a long time away until finished as going for numerous levels above and below ground.

Brew 3rd January 2012 05:36 PM

Well, after looking at the blocky and ugly castle that I came up with on World4 for the 2-3 weeks that I was playing it, I had already decided that I wanted to try a more irregular and stylized castle on a rocky bluff overlooking the ocean, and all I had to do was find the right bluff. I managed to find it very close to spawn (in the mountains closest to the ocean), and even though I spent days looking for something better (and possibly more remote), I settled on the one near spawn. It even has a little inlet and prairie all in the same location (although I am slowly turning the prairie into forest....). I plan to wall in and develop the inlet into a small harbor, complete with docks and fortifications (in case the creepers decide to come by boat....or maybe an army of snowmen marines....).

Fate 3rd January 2012 07:10 PM

Just going to work above ground in the space behind the cube for frontier, most likely a rural type of town with lots of opportunities for mob fighting.

DaedalusAlpha 3rd January 2012 07:34 PM

I have a feeling a lot of people have their eye on the mountains closest to spawn. I've started penetrating it with tunnels and rooms myself ;)

Still haven't bumped into anyone else but I'll guess it's just a matter of time. I have a small plantation of wheat on top of the mountain over where I live so people know roughly where it is.

HenriDeacon 3rd January 2012 08:39 PM

I have started a mountain stronghold way down on our south border. Currently gathering more resources for walls etc. Found an abandoned mine under my home with a spider spawner, and spent many deaths trying to outwit them :) My daughter Sanzhin has a home in the forest closer to spawn which is a creeper magnet.

Brew 4th January 2012 03:48 AM

Yeah, I'm in the mountain to the SW, and I can see several occupied mountains to the North and East. Hopefully, I won't be detracting from anyone's view. :) I've lit my area with markers, so if you can't see me now, you probably won't later....unless the rising castle blocks someone's view.

marvelmanic 4th January 2012 02:14 PM

Did you pick an area near Splat and I, Brew? I know you were scouting near us the other day.

I am planning to build an epic castle into the side of a mountain, wall off the island that the mountain overlooks to use for the necessities...maybe a small town There are a couple other small cliff-like mountains that will be within my wall. I might try to use them for future projects. I was thinking of carving a giant tower from one of them.

The area is not as big as it sounds, just very packed together with a beautiful view.

Unfortunately, my demanding work schedule weakens my build time, so who knows how long it will take or if I will finish before the server is reset for bigger and better things.

Sorontar 4th January 2012 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by marvelmanic (Post 3393383)
The area is not as big as it sounds, just very packed together with a beautiful view.

Indeed, from the maps, there certainly seem to be some funky mountains in both Sanctuary and Frontier. I am wondering what hasn't yet been mapped for Frontier. I guess we might see next Sunday.

I am thinking of setting an obstacle course to get around the mountains in my Sanctuary claim. Hopefully when I've finished, I can set up a "treasure hunt" of sorts.


Unfortunately, my demanding work schedule weakens my build time, so who knows how long it will take or if I will finish before the server is reset for bigger and better things.
Likewise for me, which is why I rushed to get my main buildings "finished" last week. My mind is full of ideas for the next stage, but I just need time and energy to do them.


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