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Default Melting snow

I know Admiral has been playing around with means to "melt" snow off his runway on Sanctuary. Has anyone else been doing this? If so what methods have you found that work and what range have you got? I just had thoughts about building something in a snow biome, letting snow cover it and having a piston circuit under the surface (ala runway) relocate the heat sources on demand to melt the snow and reveal the hidden construction. Do any of you think it would be possible?


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it says light source, so all I can think of is a moving light block like glowstone, using pistons to reveal or hide the glowstone but hte circuitry would be tricky
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They melt within a specific distance, when I made my snow and ice Cathedral on the anniversary server; I had to be very careful where I placed the light stone so as not to melt any Ice within its radius. It didn't seem related to the actual light just radius. So I think lightstone just like 1 block underneath in theory should work.

I will say though sometime things don't behave like they should, in that building I did have several ice windows or lights that I junked because they kept melting even when they shouldn't; or hadn't melted it just on the other side of the building.
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