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Default Australia Day Event - Thurs 26th Jan 8:30pm (ADST)

Come one, come all.... to the great Australia Day Shootout!

Since there was no real opposition to the idea of the Kelly Gang Vs The Law scenario I suggested, we'll run that as an event Thurs night at 8:30pm (Australian daylight savings time)

We'll have a new world for this event, which will replace the (sanctuary/frontier) world for the night

More info to follow.......

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OK, not sure if anyone is planning on attending, due to the resounding silence, but I've spent all day making the scenario map so I hope at least a few people come play


This will be a new world, in survival mode... with mobs - running on the "sanctuary" port (so just connect as you would if you were going to play on Sanctuary)

You'll start off at spawn and have to warp to the game place using /warp start, which will be in a building (which MiniObsi built ). There you'll be split into 2 teams. The Kelly Gang, whose colour is iron/grey, and The Law, whose colour is gold/yellow. You will be each provided with one helm, one breastplate and one sword in your team metal. You can only use armour/weapons of your team colour. If you find weapons/armour belonging to the opposing team you cannot use it. If you find weapons/armour for the opposing team in a chest, on the ground or from a corpse, you must leave it there.

It is recommended to wear your team's armour, so you are easily identifiable to people. Remember that since pvp will be on, your own team can kill you if they don't remember you're on their side So wearing your team armour could save your life You'll find armour and metal to make more armour scattered about.

Once we're ready to go, you'll go through a door, follow the arrow to find your hometown village, and beyond that you'll see your team flag pole.

Under the flag you'll find a square of bedrock, this is the site for your team's fortress. The aim is to use the building supplies provided in the chest, as well as anything else you care to mine from the surrounding land (you're not allowed to destroy the NPC village) to make a fortress to make defending your flag easier.

You must not block access to your flag's TNT spot. Each flag pole is a chimney of sorts, of TNT, with a slot for the opposition to place a block of TNT which will explode up the chimney and take out the flag. You are encouraged to make it difficult for the enemy to reach the TNT slot, but you cannot make it impossible. There are bedrock "stairs" to get to the TNT slot, these must not be blocked off.

You can build your fortress only within the bedrock square, and no higher than the last level of obsidian on the flag pole. The winning team is the one who blows up the opposition's flag first.

There are 2 train lines running through the area, each with a station in each village and a station out in the middle land. These trains carry cargo These trainlines cannot be entered, and can only be accessed from one of the stations. To be able to access the chest cart you need to stop the train as it goes through the stations, to do so there is a pressure plate you stand on. When the cart stops, you can access the chest, but you'll have to give the cart a push to get it going back on the tracks again after you've stopped it.

There are 2 NPC villages, one near each team's Fortress. There are chests of identical loot hidden around these villages. You can raid the opposing team's village if you wish, though it may already have been plundered. The animals and wheat may be harvested but the buildings and wall cannot be modified or destroyed.

How the game will run
When we start, you'll have 30mins to build your fortress. You may not enter the NPC village during this time, and you are not to engage in combat - every team member must be building the fortress or creating supplies.

After this 30 mins, then the fight is on. You can raid the opposing village, fight the opposing team and defend your flag.

(If we have time, we'll run the scenario again without a setup time, and with the ability to destroy/modify the NPC villages.)

  • get there by warping /warp start
  • You'll be in 2 teams, Kelly Gang (Iron), The Law (gold)
  • Use only weapons/armour of your team metal
  • Don't destroy the NPC village or train tracks/stations
  • Don't prevent access to your flagpole's TNT slot
  • 30 mins setup time to build the fortress, then game is on
  • Kill the other team (you'll know who they are by their armour) and try to blow up their flag
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i will be there
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We'll be sorting the teams when everyone is there but if people have a preference, you can post to let me know.

It's funny, the first seed I tried had these 2 NPC villages next to eachother, making it a perfect place for this! (there is also an abandoned mine beneath, not that I imagine people will be wanting to explore)

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Sanzhin and I will be there.

Do a save before we start in case we run the event again

Will be 7.30pm for us in Brisbane.

RIP : TOG Slimers BF2 Squad

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I believe we're keeping a zipped copy of the world file and the normal unzipped, so we can run the event, then stop the server, delete the world file, unzip the backup and go again with the world as it was - save having to reset everything.

Whether we do that tonight or do round 2 another night depends on how long it takes to play through round one tonight, but we could do it tomorrow or another time if we run too late tonight.

We might be able to keep the map for future combat scenarios too. I'll definitely save a copy myself so it's available if we need it in future. Not that it's spectacular or anything, just the layout is convenient.

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I'm in.

Thanks for all this Obsi, nice work!

I'm in WA so it'll be early for me, 5:30 here I think, but I'll check.

Thanks again, see you guys there.
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This will be run on the Sanctuary port, tog.swoit.as:25565, but with its own settings on the server (ie. monsters included).

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Was good fun, thanks for running it Obsi

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