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Exclamation MC 1.2.5 - some changes to how we play

Minecraft 1.2.5 is (hopefully) coming later tomorrow (cf. http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...0th-april.html). Various things will have changed since MC 1.1 in how the game works. Most are simple improvements. However some force us to change the guidelines in the Division's http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...e-conduct.html.
  1. NPC villages
  2. NPC villagers
  3. Iron golems
  4. Fire charges
  5. Spawn eggs
  6. The Nether
  7. Lighting and redstone circuitry
NPC villages

Presently villages cannot be mined or altered without community consent. With 1.2.5, the houses now have a role and a definition. This allows a bit more freedom but we still need to bear in mind that there is still more to be added to the game related to villages and villagers.

So, villages can be "tidied" but the same buildings, doors and farms must exist. Paths and decorations can be altered or added but the same degree of accessibility must remain to all the NPCs and other players. Walls and roofs must remain as similar materials (but you can change for different woods). No mining or traps may be built within the village. Villages still can't be claimed as they are still community owned.

There is no danger of zombies breaking village doors as we will not be in Hard mode most of the time.

NPC villagers

Villagers now spawn themselves based on the amount of "homes" they detect in their immediate vicinity. Please consider this when building near villages. Too many villagers results in too much work for the servers.

Villagers belong in villages and can not be farmed, attacked or kidnapped. As with all mobs, villagers can be spawned in other locations by consent of Admins/Mods. Note that this will very rarely be allowed on Frontier.

Iron golems

Iron golems are automatically generated in villages whenever there are at least 15 villagers. If a golem is killed, a new one is generated. They can also be hand-made by players.

Golems give iron bars as spoils but we have decided that they should not be farmed or killed when around a village. Traps cannot be made to kill them in a village. However players are welcome to make their own golems. If a village golem wanders far from a village (say out of sight of a villager or the village and not in the same or neighbouring chunks), then players can attack it.

Fire charges

Fire charges are man-made fireballs that can be fired from a dispenser. Like any other source of fire, they are very dangerous. What makes these the most dangerous is that there is seemingly *no limit* to the range of the dispenser when firing them, and that the dispenser has a wide range of directions in which it can fire. Therefore, it is extremely hard to judge where the fire charge is going to land.

Therefore, players are not use fire charges without approval. If you wish to use them, you must target the dispenser in an enclosed area and ask a mod or admin for approval before loading any charges into the dispenser. Remember that if you stuff up, your lack of care may be regarded as griefing.

Spawn eggs

A reminder that spawn eggs are not to be used without the consent of admins/mods. These eggs are even more dangerous now that they can spawn mobs when used in dispensers. The same rule applies when they are used in this way. You never know though, if you have a nifty way to use them, we might say yes.

The Nether

Glowstone is becoming rarer. In 1.2.5 it will be in even more demand due to being a vital component of glowstone lanterns. Consequently, we may regenerate all the Nether beyond the 375x375 "border" (corresponding to the 3000x3000 border in the Overworld). Sorry to any who have built beyond that imaginary border but the Nether is often a target for regeneration on our servers.

Lighting and redstone circuitry

With the new lanterns, there may be more demand for players to use lots of lighting in massive constructions. If you find that the server seems to lag when people are visiting the areas in or near such works, it may be a result of the amount of lighting and/or redstone circuitry you have running. Just bear this in mind for the benefit of your neighbours and their enjoyment.

Thank you


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Just to clarify...we are going to 3000x3000 map?
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Originally Posted by marvelmanic View Post
Just to clarify...we are going to 3000x3000 map?
That is the present size of Frontier and Sanctuary. It will be increased when I update so that we can have jungles (and ocelots) and more space.

The Nether does not have an enforced border but will be trimmed to a 375x375 (well probably actually 400x400 to keep things nice) border, then have the border removed. Any part of the Nether beyond that border will be regenerated when people visit it.

If you are not already confused, I can confuse you further. 375=3000/8, so a portal on the Nether "border" should take you to somewhere near the Overworld border, ie. (187.5,0) will portal to (1500,0) if the border is based on a distance from (0,0). This is true for Frontier, but for Sanctuary, the portal is based on a distance from (-25, -219) in the Overworld. The corresponding location in the Sanctuary Nether is (-3, -27).

Hence, it is easier to just think of it as being a 375x375 border in the Nether. If you have things beyond the edge, they may be modified by the update. The benefit is more glowstone and potentially new generations.


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