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Just came across this mozilla addon which allows you to draw over a web page in mozilla, and then save the result as an image, and thought, well we often do things like that in this division, and it may prove a nice easy way of doing things.


I've not tried it myself yet, so I am not recommending it specifically, merely pointing at it for someone to check out.

Example: viewing our server map, and drawing a claim boundary or railway line etc. No idea what will and won't work.

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I don't find it too hard to screenshot then open the shot in GIMP to edit it. However, I was thinking that we need a version of the maps with the known strongholds marked (hint hint). When we get the map software fixed/changed, we may have other means of doing this, but a simple edited map would be a good alternate for the meantime.


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There's a similar extension for Chrome, called Awesome Screenshot, which allows you to mark up an image and either host it on the company's server, copy to clipboard for further editing, or save to your drive.

Honestly, I would normally have just opened it in GIMP like Sorontar usually does, but I was feeling lazy about it
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