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Minecraft (Public) Build it and they will come

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Default Younger Gamer Getting into Minecraft

My 13 year old son was a very serious COD player. I gave him a copy of Minecraft some time ago not really expecting him to play it but hoping he would give it a chance and give the FPS a rest.

He has surprised me with his enthusiasm for this game. He has even gone so far as to getting art work done and setting up his own channel.
Any how I know he is keen to have people to subscribe to his site. If you guys get a chance check it out.

Steam Community :: Group :: TacoCraftHD

TacoCraftHD - YouTube
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Cool i'll get my daughter to check it out.

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My son is 6 and just starting with Minecraft - when I am on the PC he jumps on the iPad and plays it there! Only played creative mode so far.
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That's awesome RP ...he invited Daz and I awhile back so we are members I haven't been playing much, but I think Daz had a game on the server the other day Great to see the Toggers kids in gaming always gives me the warm n fuzzies so cool
What are you playing now ? come join minecraft you now you want to hahaha so missing the old days Blacksok is minecrafting along with a few others from the old division )


Thank you Chiack

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