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Default How big is your world?

Hey. Just visiting.

Found something you mining guys in here might like to see. Link to The Lounge post is here. The interesting part for you is what's shown at 10^8.

External link is http://htwins.net/scale2/scale2.swf?bordercolor=white

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I seem to recall that someone worked out how long it would take to walk from one edge of the useable MC world to the other. I think it was not a realistic timeframe for any player. The edge of the 'inifinite' world used to spazz out as it couldn't save the world data properly

Far Lands - Minecraft Wiki
The Far Lands were the area that formed the "edge" of the "infinite" map in versions prior to Beta 1.8. The distance from the center of the Minecraft map to the beginning of the Far Lands, 12,550,820 meters, is about 31% of the circumference of the Earth at its equator.
Now I think it just becomes fake ocean. So it is infinite but isn't.


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