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Default West is North?

I was on the sanctuary server looking for a spot to place a claim on. Comparing claims from the thread and watching the rendered map.

On the picture provided I used the tree as a refernce point, with /getpos I headed north. That moved me in a line towards this ship. On the map that direction is west and ingame it is north.

What can I do to fix this problem?

I also made this screenshot.
According to the map I should be heading north, but the game tells me I'm going East.


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sadly the only way I know is to use Rei's Minimap which is a mod, I think the ingame compass is just different to the map software.
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Notch/Jens changed the compass bearings at sometime because people were complaining that the sun wasn't rising in the east. I though that the map rendering program (Tectonicus) had been changed to match this, but obviously not. I'm sure they are aware of it. Tectonicus has new people working on it, so it might get fixed, but I wouldn't expect it soon.


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