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Rhof 15th June 2012 05:46 PM

Blocked Nether Passage?
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It appears that one of the Nether passages has been recently blocked. Just curious if anyone knows why.

Previously, if you stepped out of the Spawn portal and turned left, you'd pass the intersection which takes you to Obsi's and Aveege's on the left (shown in translucent gray), down a step, past the Cactus pillars with the sign pointing to TOUR0KS Estate and Blacksok's Mound on the right (via walk or rail track), then down a short flight of stairs. Previously, at the bottom of the stairs was a passage to the left, that offered a U turn and then down a couple flights of stairs and eventually ended up in the old Spawn portal room, beside Admiral Trigger Happy's Nether Farm. But as shown in the diagram below, there is now a wall at the translucent orange rectangle, and though there are some remains of the red stairs, they have largely been blocked by the added wall.

Any clues or guesses as to why?

Rhof 15th June 2012 06:09 PM

Mystery solved. Just ran into Akirad0e who is rewiring his tunnels a bit, and he blocked the passage by mistake. It's been restored.

Also... we discussed the possibility of setting up a Nether Bar (not to be confuse with a Leather Bar) in the beautiful scenic level half way down this stair case, and directly above the former Spawn Portal Room beside Admiral's farm. We could perhaps extend the platform a bit and add glass in the walls looking out over the visible Nether pathways threaded though the main Spawn area cavern. A community destination or meeting place worth visiting the Nether for.... and oh so convenient to get to.

Akira Doe 15th June 2012 06:09 PM

We just spoke in game but to answer the question I was "reskinning" some of the pathways, made a mental note not to "cobble" over that path but it seems I had a mental note fail and covered it over.

It's been fixed.

I've also finally joined my new villiage to the Nether. the new pathways are,

12,-13 to 11,-18 to 40,-18

It also extends the Double Zombie Spawner XP Farm #4 from 40,-34 to 40,-214

Rhof 15th June 2012 06:57 PM

View from the Nether Bar?

This image doesn't really do the view justice. Extending the "floor" well out into the cavern, past the stair passage on the left would provide a much greater surround view of the Nether cavern. But it offers a general idea of the concept.

Rhof 16th June 2012 02:53 AM

A Better View from the Nether Bar
(Click this link to view large image)
I built an overhang out to where you can get a much better scenic view from a Nether Bar, and have tweaked my panorama shots a good bit. This is a much better rendition of what the view from the Nether Bar could look like.

Rhof 16th June 2012 04:41 AM


Originally Posted by Akira Doe (Post 3557168)
I've also finally joined my new villiage to the Nether....
It also extends the Double Zombie Spawner XP Farm #4 from 40,-34 to 40,-214

Got 'em. Farm 4 and village are on Nether Map 06... coming soon to a post near you.

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