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Sorontar 26th June 2012 09:19 PM

Lydia/Minecraftchick is a Swede again
I know some of you like to be kept up on the Mojang gossip :)

Well, Lydia Winters aka Minecraftchick, Mojang's Director of Fun (as in events and PR), hails from the US. Earlier this year, she moved to Sweden, rented a flat, visited Ikea for furniture a couple of times, and worked at Mojang. Unfortunately, her temporary work visa ran out so she had to return to the US while she applied for a new visa. Then she was hit by a rejection at her first attempt.

The happy new news is that she has just been told that her second attempt was successful. She is now flying from Paris [1] to Stockholm with her boyfriend, Vu Bui [2], who has helped Mojang with videoing and photography and stuff. It just happens to also be his birthday today.

No wonder she calls it a happy day (


[1] She is in Europe to finish off arrangements for the next Minecon.

[2] I believe he looked after her Swedish apartment while she spent months in the US.

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