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Question Couple oF questions for frontier

First, you guys are great, and the server is awesome. Thanks for all the help so far.

I don't know my way around too well, and the only map I have only goes from the spawn to the southwest area where I buillt my sphere thing, and it looks like everything in that area is built up for miles and miles. Is there any place where I can mine a large amount of sand? I'd like to get a small chest full for future builds and mine it all at once.

Next, I see the sign for 'spawn' in underground passage of our starting area, but I could not find it. Is it a spawn box?nor something else?


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Heres a good map that is updated weekly.
TOG Minecraft Server Maps
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Thanks. I saw that map before, but I had no idea it was zoomable.
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I see from the map that your build is just south of me and east of Stuman. Welcome to the neighborhood! A couple of things of note around you; the road between spawn and the Spleef arena runs through the village next to you. The forest between you and me is artificial, and was planted by Stuman and me. I just dropped the extra saplings from my construction as I could. I was planning on filling that area out more, but I'll leave it up to you, now that it's your claim.

"Spawn" just refers to the building in the center of town where new players and players without beds spawn. There is a central Nether portal there as well as spare supplies, a community farm, enchanting table, trading post board, etc.
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I will check if i have some sand in my chests for you.

Also a quarry would be a great idea, so we can strip the area of everything. Will look into that this morning.

If you want somewhere not far from spawn, here is a good spot which is often mined ...


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Thanks again !

Thanks for the welcome, Brew. My stuff is mostly temporary. I just needed a base to collect, make, and practice building. I will be tearing down the ugly 'grey' greenhouse as soon as I have a nice supply of food. I like the forest. I'd like to keep my cabin there, but that's about it. The view of the forest from my sphere is nice.

Yesterday someone was chatting about the skeleton spawn. I thought maybe that was what the sign in the basement was for.

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