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Sorontar 17th July 2012 11:50 AM

Mojang's decisions on secrets
Mojang had another of its board meetings and decided it doesn't like writing keeping secrets into contracts. Actually, I think it is Notch who doesn't like keeping secrets, but no matter. Notch made the following announcements:


Another super productive board meeting. We're scarily effective at making probably bad decisions!

We decided mojang won't sign NDAs from now on. We won't share secrets, of course, but NDAs add external pressure we dont't want.
(And we won't make people sign NDAs with us either)
Previously signed NDAs still hold, of course. =)

Hey, Mojangstas, the "secrets" clause of your contract no longer applies. Use your best judgement.

Perhaps this means that all Notch's secret projects will be revealed, including that which is working on. Or maybe Notch will be able to contain himself from blerting it all out.


Trowzers 17th July 2012 07:27 PM

Heehee, the idea of Notch not blurting out secrets makes me giggle. Maybe that's why they don't want to use NDAs anymore ;)

I've had to sign a few NDAs in the past (game testing/moderation work) and also been involved in alpha/closed beta testing where not discussing game details was merely an 'understanding' you entered into when you started testing. It didn't seem to make any difference to keeping secrets. People who are stupid enough to discuss games in closed testing did so anyway, and the rest of us kept our mouths shut regardless of whether anything was signed.

Sorontar 20th July 2012 08:35 PM

It seems that one secret project is no more. One of its developers, Johan Bernhardsson, has announced (

Old project canceled., now working on Minecraft PE instead :)

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