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Default What is this?

A cow with mushrooms on top ?

Late at night, not a creature was stirring, not even the mouse, who a little earlier found the Rat Trap across the neck made his head fall off.

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That would be :
Mooshroom - Minecraft Wiki

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And it is on a rare Mushroom biome, with mycelium instead of grass. Watch out, the mycelium spreads like grass on bare dirt.


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I love the Mooshrooms, but the mushroom biomes are so rare I've only found one once in my recent games
I hope they add more rare biomes, it's such a fun suprise when you go out exploring! I want an ice mountain, a volcano, a sinkhole, a fountain, a cactus forest etc - there are plenty of options using existing blocks. Maybe keep the rare biomes small in large biome mode though.
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