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segreto 8th September 2012 03:23 AM

Acid server?
So last night I was half sleeping and mining stone to get my tower higher, and I made a huge dent in my basement quarry, and I added 20 levels to my tower.

Today I went into my basement to start the furnaces burning again, and all the rock I mined was replaced.

Then I went up to the top of my tower, and saw that something really odd had happened:
Uploaded with

I have seen where progress had been wiped due to a server setback, but this is really really odd. How is it that only random parts were reset? The tower should be solid, now I have some really nice windows....

Sorontar 8th September 2012 11:41 AM

Strange. Haven't seen that before. Did you look closer at them? Are they actually filled with glass?

If you list the coordinates of your tower, one of the Admin team might be able to doublecheck that nothing dodgy has happened.


segreto 8th September 2012 01:22 PM

No glass. Just random open spaces. I dug about 3 blocks deep last night in my basement, so maybe 1000 cobble, and I put them in a furnace. I got to level 31 or something close to that. With the stone I fired, I put a few more levels on the top of my tower.

When I logged in today, all the stone I mined in my basement was returned. I went up in my tower to add some more stone, and I could see where there are 4 square holes where I had laid them last night. When I was doing the laying, I just ran around the circumfrence of my tower and added 2 blocks all the way around. I did this maybe 20 times, so maybe 40 layers I added. I don't get how the ones missing now are perfectly square and spaced like they are. If it took them in the order I placed them, it would just be levels lower and not whole sections missing.

Anyway, its very weird. I didnt loose any of the levels I gained from smelting the ores, it looks like most of the stone (if not all) I mined is still in the chests I was putting it in. So, nothing was lost, just have to fill in the holes. I will most likely just make them glass.

DaedalusAlpha 9th September 2012 08:29 AM

Looks very much like Herobrine to me.

AdmiralTriggerH 12th September 2012 01:54 PM

Sound likes it was the same time there was a server crash and it reverted some of the work I had done my Hotel basement and also adding to the floors in the Hotel.
The server booted me off on the 7th around 5 PM AEST and I believe your were on just before that segreto.
I posted on the Forums and once Sor had fixed it I logged back in to see some reverts, nothing really too bad but just annoying, had to mine the sections again and redo my changes but I don't think I lost any Materials but can't be sure as I had some much crap in my inventory at the time I wouldn't have realised if I had

segreto 13th September 2012 04:14 AM

Good, I was not tripping then! What was odd, what that it removed sections of the work I did and they were not consecutive sections. I put the walls up 1 layer at a time, and it just took chunks out of the walls and not layers.

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