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Default A homepage article about the Wild West

The next article I can think of adding to the Division's homepage would be about the Wild West PvP area. While its use may have dropped off, I would like some suggestions of what you liked about it, and how you play on it.

Do you like being able to target other players and their constructions?
Do you like the danger of the PvP?
Does the need to hide your lair make it more challenging?
Was it just the community effort in developing Piedra Roja (the village of Redstone)?
Do you see it as a good location for future PvP events?

Or is there something else that you enjoy?

Any cool pictures of hiding in your lair or PvP combat (or anything else) would also be welcome.


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I like running the Scenarios because it gives players a goal and they need to think strategically to satisfy the winning conditions, with a nice prize at the end.

Never been into ambushing other players I prefer to play it more like a team sport with a start and completion time.

I don't like damaging other people's work but i do enjoy blowing up my own creations.

The first few weeks of Wild West were particularly scary, and enjoyed the danger a lot.

Loved building the evil town Deadstone. The decaying buildings and roads have a real charm. Also a great location for bow duels at 10 paces

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I must pop over next time I'm in and have a looksee I keep forgetting and get side tracked with my little projects we did a bit of exploring the other night and it was so much fun so must take the time to come over to WW

Thank you Chiack

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