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Default World of Warcraft in Minecraft

People have tried to recreate many fantasy worlds in Minecraft. I have seen Middle Earth, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones. Well, the World of Warcraft has reached beta stage. It is so large that it is at least 7 worlds and 24 Gb. It covers Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor.

More images are here: Crafting Azeroth - Imgur

Comparison images between the game and the MC world are here: Before and After - Imgur

The details for the world are in this thread: Crafting Azeroth - Minecraft Forum

A Google Map is hosted here: http://overviewer.org/wow/#/3581/64/9019/-3/0/0


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Thank you Chiack

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I have seen....ok no I haven't, this is fricken AWESOME!!!!
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Wow, that is really nice.
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