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Sorontar 29th October 2012 01:45 AM

Event: Halloween at Togwarts
Event: A trip to Hogwarts
Where: (Sanctuary's port)
When: 8:30pm AEDT, Wed 31st October
Until... Monday morning

Minecraft version: 1.4 (yes, this server will updated for this event)
Mode: Survival
Difficulty: Now Easy
(originally Hard)[I]
PVP combat is not expected

Travel via train to Hogwarts with a map in hand and a wand at the ready (well, a bow anyway). This is an old world that was created by a non-Togger, who will be credited after the event (so we don't ruin any surprises). It is based on the Harry Potter world and has an optional corresponding texture pack (hence the wand/bow reference). Further details will be given later.

Seek out the common rooms!
Visit Hagrid's home!
Find the diamonds!

Well yes, there are going to be a few challenges on this world. One of the built-in ones is to find diamonds in chests. Others will be set up by us.

So anyone on our whitelist can visit the school and other locations, but beware - he who can not be named (for trademark reasons I suspect) has let loose a lot evil creatures within their grounds. Be alert!

Department of Thaumaturgical Events
Ministry of Magic

Obsi 29th October 2012 09:17 AM

Just a reminder to people that you'll need to update minecraft to 1.4 for the event and then revert back to the 1.3.2 to play on the servers afterwards (until we update the servers).

If you don't already know how to manage doing this - there's a post in the Minecrafting 101 thread, giving you 3 options for how to run multiple versions of minecraft -

(remember if you are updating for this event, it's a good idea to make a copy of your minecraft.jar BEFORE you update, so you have that as a backup should something go wrong [I personally just zip it and leave the zip file sitting there in the bin folder])

Sorontar 29th October 2012 10:09 AM

Oh, and this will not be PVP combat, but there is a dueling table so you are welcome to challenge each other. There are lots of diamonds to be found, so you will be able to make your own armour and swords from it after a while. Generally though, you shouldn't mine or destroy anything.

And dying is not a good thing. Spawn is at platform 9 and 3/4 so it is a bit of a rail trip to return to Hogwarts. This cannot be changed.


Irimar 30th October 2012 03:52 AM

This looks like a lot of fun. Hopefully, this stupid hurricane won't knock my power out for so long I can't try it. :p

Obsi 31st October 2012 12:43 PM

Tonight's the night!

Sorontar 31st October 2012 03:48 PM

As Obsi said, the event will be on tonight. There is so much to explore I think we will probably be leaving it up for a few days, especially since not everyone will be able to visit it tonight.


Sanctuary will be shutdown and Togwarts will be put in its place at .

This will be run as vanilla 1.4.2 with Hard Survival difficulty.

The texture pack that comes with it is unusable as is (really out-of-date and not user friendly), but we are waiting for permission from its creator that we can use a version which Obsi has updated for us (thanks Obsi!). We will make the original texture pack available regardless, but you may find it is better to play without it.

To start:

You will spawn outside a building. Inside that building is Platform 9 3/4. Collect a map, 64 arrows and a bow from the chest and a minecart from a hidden dispenser. If the chest is empty, there are spares in a room at the end of the platform.

Ride the rails to the Hogsmeade station. From there, take the well lit 1st year's path to Hogwarts or the unlit forest path. You can also walk to Hogsmeade or travel by rail to Diagon Alley.

What to do:

Explore! Fight the monsters! Find locations and stuff, but don't break anything.

Players shouldn't need to mine at all. However, you are welcome to harvest crops and craft items like weapons and armour, but you will find that there are various items in chests that you are welcome to take. Be sure to leave some for others.

The monsters are as per Hard difficulty. This is supposed to be a challenge. Because this is vanilla 1.4, we have a few special tricks up our sleeves.
  • Inventory is permanent - If you die, you will not lose items from your inventory. So you can keep any weapons, diamonds, items you have found and use them when respawned.
  • You can reset spawnpoints without beds - At Hogsmeade station and The Leaky Cauldron, there are labelled pressure pads that can reset your spawnpoint to that location.
  • Creepers are not destructive - Yes, the explode and hurt you, but they don't make big holes in the ground. Likewise, endermen should be able to pick up anything
But watch out! 1.4 also means that some monsters will have armour and better weapons.


A few challenges await you.
  • Find locations - While this doesn't cover the entire Harry Potter world, the following sites are somewhere to be found
    • Hogwarts
    • Diagon Alley
    • Knockturn Alley
    • Hogsmeade
    • Hagrid's Shack
    • Owl Tower
    • Shrieking Shack
    • Aragog's Tunnels
  • Find rooms - There are a number of well known rooms. Can you find them all? We certainly haven't yet.
    • The Houses' Common Rooms
    • The Chamber of Secrets
    • Dumbledore's office
    • Dining Hall
    • Dueling Room
    • The philosopher's stone
  • Find diamonds - There are 200+ diamonds, each in a chest hidden through the world. Make use of them as you wish.
  • Find Beacon pyramids - I have set up beacon pyramids of different power in three places. Each will have a sign nearby labelling them. However, they will not have a beacon block ... yet.
  • Find Beacon blocks - I have hidden 3 beacon blocks in chests. The start of the path to them is "nearish" to a pyramid but is not marked. These are designed to be really difficult. I might give hints as the night goes on.
  • Find other items - we are yet to add some, but various magical items are already there... including a dragon's egg.

Obsi 31st October 2012 05:56 PM


The texture pack that comes with it is unusable as is (really out-of-date and not user friendly), but we are waiting for permission from its creator that we can use a version which Obsi has updated for us (thanks Obsi!). We will make the original texture pack available regardless, but you may find it is better to play without it.
As I haven't yet heard back from him, I don't think I'll be given permission to redistribute it before the event :(

The only major difference is that the bow and arrows become a wand that shoots stars, which is kinda cute... and the glass and other block textures are more in keeping with the theme than the default pack..... If you don't use it, a few things will look a bit weird...and Diagon alley will look really bizarre in any other texture pack :)

I personally find the default one unusable. There is no crosshair, and in the hotbar, there is nothing to show which item is selected. Making it very difficult to use in battle situations. Also for some reason it has a ghostly wand, map and diamond built into the hotbar (presumably suggesting you place those items in those slots), which is a bit confusing if you don't place those items there. Plus the beacons and other new things aren't in that pack.

I "fixed" all that, but I need the maker's permission to pass it on to anyone... so I've asked, but not had a reply yet.

So any sort of medieval type pack would probably be a good substitute though.

Sorontar 31st October 2012 08:34 PM

The world is up.

Go to if you want to download the optional texture pack. This texture pack will be removed from the website once the event is over.


Sorontar 31st October 2012 11:39 PM

Okay, it wasn't that scary with the Hard difficulties, but Halloween gave us pumpkin helmets on the heads of some of the monsters. Two of the beacon blocks were found.

Tomorrow I will restart the world so all blocks and diamonds etc are back in place. We will be without the Griffindor sword and dagger which Duck so kindly hid in devious places. For those who want to hunt for the beacon blocks, the hints are
Spoiler: Beacon hints 



Misnik 1st November 2012 05:05 AM


Originally Posted by Sorontar (Post 3694804)
We will be without the Griffindor sword and dagger which Duck so kindly hid in devious places.

Found the sword just now. Lots of jumping in the chamber of secrets (at least thats where i think I am atm) :D [Or I was... until a spider killed me from somewhere while I wrote this. Thought I was safe all the way up there... thought wrong, no idea how to get back, but still have sword.]

Thanks for leaving things running for us in other timezones.

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