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Default Minecraft auto-generated cities?

Some of the talk last night on reddit has been about how big you can make the auto-generated Minecraft villages. Apparently you can create flat worlds with large villages.

I Buffed the Village Size to almost infinite. Preset in description. : Minecraft

Preset: 2;7,2x3,2;1;village(distance=0 size=100),decoration
created the following:

In development, Dinnerbone tried some closer villages and made cities.(Dinnerbone comments on I Buffed the Village Size to almost infinite. Preset in description.)

I had to add some limits to what it lets you do, because the village generation code is a little broken with weird numbers. Here's some fun development screenshots:


This was village(distance=4). The minimum it lets you specify now is 9 ;D

Edit: Here's distance=2:


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Lol - with the distance 4, I was thinking "Instant Hunger Games city!"
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That's pretty cool

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oh my, distance 4 = awesome middle ages European city

awesome.. also OMFG the system resources would make the server go KABOOM
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