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Default The UN uses Minecraft

Usually Sorontar does this sort of thing, but in his absence, someone has to step up and spread the minecraft triumphs...

Yes, regeneration projects, rebuild the world, well why not use minecraft

BBC News - Minecraft to aid UN regeneration projects

Development plans for 300 places around the world are being modelled in Minecraft so residents can help decide how the locations will change.

Called Block by Block, the programme is part of a collaboration between Minecraft-maker Mojang and UN Habitat.

"We'll be putting it into the game so people can walk around and feel like it's as real life as possible,"

Undugu has been recreated on computer by Minecraft modelling firm Fyre UK. Soon those who live around the playground will be able visit it to see the UN's plans to regenerate it.

My only hope is that they use creative peaceful mode, it would suck for these people to be looking at rebuilding their communities only for a creaper to kill them and blow a hole in thier village....
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haha interesting

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It's pretty amazing how big minecraft has become. Like just today there was a newspaper article in a large swedish technical newspaper about Minecon. I think it's the third or fourth article they've had regarding minecraft and mojang. Until minecraft that was about as many game related articles I had seen in total in that newspaper during the 10 years I've read it
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