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Default Minecon panel on Minecraft API

The Future of Mod API - Minecon 2012 - GameSpot Video

I finally got around to listen to the panel about Mojang's future plans for the Minecraft API. For those that are new to this, this is a modification to Minecraft so that mods/plugin developers can "plug" directly into Minecraft using a set of intermediary functions rather than having to use Bukkit or Forge or anything else. It aims to make Minecraft even more mod friendly, as it removes the need for the middle-man to be up-to-date and the middle-man to hack into Minecraft code to make its own API.

A few other points I found out in the panel, or were repeated from earlier announcements.

  • Plugins would be per world, not changing the game per se.
  • Mojang will run a repository of "approved" plugins, but players can also download them from websites
  • Downloading the the plugins is the players responsibility and won't be done silently by the world server or from the server.
  • The game will inform players if the plugin is needed for a world and give them the option to download it from the repository if the plugin is there.
  • The plugins will still be Java.
  • Developers won't be charged and can charge players if the plugin is in the repository.
  • Mojang is on talking terms with Forge etc.
  • Some current mods won't be usable because of their reliance on editting core code, e.g. Optifine. However, other changes to the code may make them obselete.

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