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Old 2nd February 2013, 09:31 PM   #211 (permalink)
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ok I think I see the probs thanks, Henri you champ you
for some reason my stuff is all in the wrong folders I will change it all around and try again & on the custom mob spawner it has disable beside it for some reason I didn't disable anything hmm also it didn't ask me about update does that mean it has done an update already or something ?? You have lotsa files that I don't have also. I don't think the downgrader tool works on FTB

Thank you Chiack

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No the downgrader does not work on FTB. I'd say the easiest thing to do, if you have no maps or stuff of your own, is to simply delete the entire FTB folder. Then you follow the guide on the forum from the beginning to re-install it all again.
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When you launch ftb the launcher uptop has an option. Version

if it says recommended change it to 7
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If you're looking for a vacant block in the city - basically look for a lot without any torches or signs of life. Here's a map of the city with the plots marked.

(If I've made a mistake, please let me know)


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Default Minecrack mocreatures Zoo

Obsi and I have started constructing a zoo for the mo pets. What im after here is a list of ppl intrested in I guess you would say Donating animals to the zoo they will remain yours and can take them out if you like for a walk (just let us no so me dont thing the worst), in the long run it will give every one a chance to see them all and a safe place for you to keep your pets
if ppl wont to donate a pet thats been listed they can but would like to get all the mo pets in if we can so plz just list what you have and willing to donate and if your willing to take on others

Bunnies are not going to be in the zoo at they bread well like rabbits

snakes 6


what ever others I can preferably snakes

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Old 3rd February 2013, 07:28 PM   #216 (permalink)
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I can donate a turtle and maybe a zebra

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Old 3rd February 2013, 07:53 PM   #217 (permalink)
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Where is the Zoo?
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Old 3rd February 2013, 07:58 PM   #218 (permalink)
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I have a shark (I will build an aquarium I guess)
Komodo Dragon (we can two can't we?)
and a few snakes, I think
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The zoo is located in the Caverns world - when you go through the portal to the Caverns world, turn right and you'll see the stairs to take you there.

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Originally Posted by Carm View Post
Lucky you I wish I could get it working I think with all the mucking about I have broken my FTB ...... I will have to wait until my boy gets back from Brissie tomorrow and see if he can fix it for me. All I did was try to install the 2 new things and now nothing works errors is all I get
Yeah it can be pretty fussy with getting the settings right, hopefully you can get it working soon!!

p.s. Just realised the original spot i wanted to go for was next to Obsi's plot lol! Ooops. Current plot has worked out pretty sweet though!
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