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Old 18th April 2013, 10:14 PM   #951 (permalink)
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Retired Captain
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Sorry, I moved this to the FTB folder then realised that it may not be FTB specific. Is it?


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yeh mate, all good.
Nothing says "I'm a lazy-arsed console porting Dev" like 'Press Enter to begin' at the title screen.
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Old 23rd April 2013, 10:33 AM   #954 (permalink)
Dela Fett

Default Connection issue

hi peeps

i have played on the server before, but now when i try to play it wont connect

in the server list it says "cant reach server"

i have tried the reinstall FTB and associated files process to no avail

any ideas guys ???

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We closed the ftb server down as our host wasn't available to us any more.

We now have 2 options for ftb servers for you to play on - you'll find sub forums for them in the main forum. "Phoenix" or "Misnik's server" - depending on which flavour you'd like for your ftb

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Old 23rd April 2013, 03:43 PM   #956 (permalink)
Dela Fett


thanks Obsi

good to see i was paying attention LOL

i got my son his own account so i could get mine back

now maybe i can play a bit more
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