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DarkDuck 8th January 2013 08:15 AM

FTB: Iridium
Good Day all

Last night Obsi gave me a piece of Iridium she found

I have put a barrel in the portal room for iridium collection. this will make it easier for us all to keep track of how many we have.

I have put a sign above it saying
Community Matter Fabricator donations

Hoathy 8th January 2013 08:47 AM

Sweet. I gave mine to admiral as I think he was collecting for the same thing.

OranjeJus 8th January 2013 09:09 AM

I have 2 pieces. I'll drop them into the pool when I'm next on in a day or 2.

- OJ

AdmiralTriggerH 8th January 2013 02:38 PM

Um, one problem the barrel is within spawn protection so we can't add or remove from it.
I was trying to put the 3 I have in (2 from me and one from Hoathy) and couldn't

Obsi 8th January 2013 02:41 PM


I have put a barrel in the portal room for iridium collection.
Barrel?!? you're hopeful :P

Irimar 8th January 2013 03:00 PM

I have an ingot, not the ore. I'm happy to throw it in, but your chosen method of storage is not useful to me. :p

DarkDuck 8th January 2013 04:21 PM

Ok will swap with chest my bad

Deweyoxberg 9th January 2013 10:54 AM

I've started accumulating scrap via a recycling machine in preparation for the Fabricator. :)

Hoathy 9th January 2013 10:59 AM

This MF is gonna cop an absolute pounding!

OranjeJus 9th January 2013 07:45 PM

I've just dropped my 2 pieces in.

The community donation chest now has 12 pieces of Iridium Ore in it.

- OJ

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