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Warmonger 9th January 2013 02:51 AM

Server restart Warning!
Just a warning to everyone, pay attention to the server restart times!

I just had 8 rubies and a stack of redstone in a crafting table, was moving my mouse to start crafting the energy crystals and the server restarted.

Came back, and it's all gone.

So watch out what you're doing when the time comes up on you.

DaedalusAlpha 9th January 2013 04:31 AM

You sure it wasn't deposited back into your own inventory again?

Warmonger 9th January 2013 05:00 AM

I triple checked my inventory, the crafting table, every chest nearby, the chests that I pulled all the mats from. Even relogged a couple of times to see if it was invisible somewhere.

The stuff is gone.

sarianna 9th January 2013 06:42 AM

Eep, that stinks.

Maybe there could be two warnings prior to restart--one at 5 minutes, one at 1 minute--as a precaution? Knowing the time and getting a 1-minute warning is helpful, but either is easily missed by a player thinking, "Ah, I'm safe here for the moment, I can go grab a coffee/use the restroom/check my beeping e-mail, won't take but a minute or two!" :)

DaedalusAlpha 9th January 2013 06:50 AM

Just write it down to experience I guess. Similar thing happened to me when I teleported into the nether, didn't get chunk loads in time and died in lava, losing a lot of expensive inventory.

exekewtable 9th January 2013 07:44 AM

a server crash can do that as well, outside of a deliberate restart. The restarts are to make the crashes less frequent... :(

DarkDuck 9th January 2013 08:04 AM

a proper restart gives a 1 min warning, it says server restarting.

a crash (which if there was no warning this was) happens, it's the cost of playing online..sadly nothing we can do,.

Sorontar 9th January 2013 08:07 AM

The intended restart has a 1 minute warning, then a 5 sec warning. The last thing done before the restart is the save-all command, which is supposed to clear the buffers and save all the remaining world changes to file. The idea is that it is up to the player to get to somewhere they consider safe by the time the one minute is up. I'm afraid constructing things or creeping on the edge of cliff during that minute may not exactly be safe things to do. Wait 2-3 minutes and you can start doing that in the newly booted server.

We will be implementing scripts soon which will hopefully automatically restart after crashes, but we can't prevent any side effects of crashes.


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