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Default Thank you to red_one

Red_one is now busily in charge of the DayZ division, fighting zombies and other players in search of resources (sound familiar?). Unfortunately he does not play Minecraft any more and is no longer a server admin for our worlds. However, I would like to thank him publicly for his time in that role. In the first few months he was a vital part of the Admin team, helping us keep up-to-date with the latest Alpha server and the Hey0 admin mod. He then continued to play an important role in keeping the servers running and discussions about the directions of the division.

So thank you to red_one for your assistance and good luck in your division, especially when the standalone DayZ game is released.


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many thanks Red_One, your efforts have lead to much time enjoyed by many of TOG

many thianks
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Thank you red-one

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Appreciate all your hard work red_one
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