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my bad sorry forgot that got confused with nuclear reactors and nuke's.
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So the next Lesson is two fold, First off better fuel, or to be precise alternative fuels!

There are _ Fuels that a Reactor can run off, starting from the "weakest"

Thorium - 2eu/t - 3 heat/t
Uranium - 15 eu/t - 20 heat/t
Plutonium - 20 eu/t - 27 heat/t

However be aware, the fun comes from the amount of heat. much more power comes from the better cells, but the lower cells make a more stable reactor.

for example using the same setup as the one I linked with my uranium setup gives us this

effectively without shut off, 1 min 30 seconds til nuclear meltdown!

but using thorium cells

so is the heat worth it? short answer yes.

a Plutonum cell lasts twice as long as a Uranium cell, so not only are you getting more EU/t but also more EU overall and less maintenance.

I will make a stable layout for a plutonium reactor shortly.

In the mean time, you will have noticed that the fuel gradually depletes to a near depleted uranium cell.

These are useless, unless you utilize a breeder reactor. the trick with breeder reactors is to make heat, but not enough to go boom.

Breeder reactor's will generate re-enriched uranium cells from depleated isotope cells. To get Depleated isotope cells, you need to combine a near depleted cell with coal dust. then a re-enriched cell with more coal dust to get a uranium cell.

that's right, at the expense of coal dust you can constantly generate fuel for your reactor.

three types of fuel? can I use 3 types at once

Yes, but it's tricky, the balancing of the heat etc is hard, but doable, the below is my "stable hybrid fuel reactor"

this uses plutonium, uranium and thorium, makes 184eu/t and 184 million eu over it's life.

more to this will be followed shortly

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Originally Posted by OranjeJus View Post
Will probably have to look to RedPower. I'm positive there's some specialized machines that can reference specific inventory slots. This would, however, require the contents of the reactor are indexed in a compatible manner...

Thanks Ducky, I'll read up on that when I start that project (hopefully not too far off actually, tho it might be worth considering skipping nukes and going straight for fusion...)

- OJ
Gold gates allow you to take a general 'multi-use' slot and specify a specific item to look for. Also, as was also said, filters can do this also.
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Mods only do in-game assistance as they don't have access to restart the server.

The setup we have now is fine for social play, and downtime during weekdays would be expected.

The TOG server is designed for casual players.

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I think the problem is you guys have done such a good job with the server and keeping it Online that we really notice it when it's down.

Just to be clear, that's a great thing and you have my thanks
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Originally Posted by Sorontar View Post
While it may not seem like it, the servers have been better behaved in the last few weeks. Most of the time, the cpu usage is lower than it was when we started, but it is still higher than I would like.
Was this due to something being done behind the scenes, or is it essentially just something that happened? Like fewer players online or the players being better at reducing their CPU footprint?
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I think various things may have helped it. Some of it may have been changes behind the scene, like not saving the world as often. There are still 10+ players on often, but you might have become better players as you better understood the machines etc. Also, there is less and less of the world that needs to be generated as the world map is completed. So I wouldn't put it down to any one thing, but I certainly think every bit helps.


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just wanted to take this chance to say a bit thumbs up to our behind the scenes crew
Stuff happens on every server I don't think I've ever had a mp game where a server didn't go down or have troubles
On ya's for what ya's do guys n girls most appreciated

Thank you Chiack

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