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Fox 4th February 2013 01:09 AM

Making a monster grinder ...
So ive made a spawn area with a roof (dark). Pressure plates detect mobs, Trigger water dispensers which wash them off a cliff for fall damage.

It doesnt spawn very many monsters. :(. Maybe one every third day. I could of course increase the size of the spawn area but are there other techniques for this? If i build layer upon layer, each layer feeding into the same drop, will that have a multiplier effect?

Im unsure on the spawn rules. Logic says multiple layers = good but game logic might say otherwise. Thx?

Frontier btw, siff i need to say ...

Sorontar 4th February 2013 02:11 AM

"Don't be too close to it" is the only rule I know.


DaedalusAlpha 4th February 2013 02:12 AM

Yes, more layers are better, as is a larger area.
But how do you make it work with the pressure plates? don't they get washed away with the water?

And as Sor says, you have to be a bit away from it. I think 20 ish blocks or something (which works in any direction, up, down, sideways, essentially a sphere centered on you with 20 block radius).

Akira Doe 4th February 2013 08:54 AM

It used to be that the higher from the ground the better. There is a mob limit on the server, so if you're close to the ground and it's night time the mobs will spawn all over the landscape using as much of the limit as possible.

If you're up high and the only one in the server, the mobs won't spawn as much on the ground and because there are no other players to load chunks (and therefore give more space for mobs to spawn) they *should* all spawn in your spawner.

If you can't build up high, at least try to build away from the main spawn city as it has a few mob spawners in there which might be stealing your thunder.

Fox 4th February 2013 01:17 PM

Hmm. I see.

I'm planning a 'passive' grinder. That is, I don't need to baby-sit it. I can go about my day to day activities and every now and then a monster will be grinded (sic) and I can pick up the stuff as I travel to/from my main projects. A water delivery system can plonk drops on a pressure plate that can light a redstone torch or similar so I'll know something is waiting for me.

For this reason, if I understand correct, a high platform is not what I'm after - but that does demonstrate the mechanics. It seems that, because I'm working close to the ground, the spawner needs to be close to the ground, and that is just one of those things I need to live with - that the mobs may not actually spawn in my spawner! Though, I must add, that my ground level enclosed spawner will work brilliantly during the day - yes? Evidence suggests that monsters only spawn, or spawn more often, during the night phase.

If I'm running around the surface, to what depth will mobs spawn? If I put my spawner 40 blocks underground will the mobs still spawn as I feed my chickens far above?

I'm not after a high volume uber overpowered OMG machine. Just something that will trickle feed a few mobs a day. Thx.

Sorontar 4th February 2013 01:27 PM

Don't forget that any "treasure" left by the dead creatures will eventually disappear if the chunk is loaded and no-one picks it up. Therefore, if you kill 1000 mobs automatically, but aren't there for what they leave behind, you might as well just kill the last few. Also, you will get no XP if you don't do the killing yourself. For this reason, what some players do is get monsters to fall far enough to make them one hit kills and kill them whenever they want. Spoils from 20 monsters after 20 hits with XP included is still pretty good. Have a look at Manuzza's monster spawner right near spawn (the big grey building to the NW).


Obsi 4th February 2013 01:43 PM

IIRC mobs will only spawn within a certain radius of a player, but not spawn within a closer range...

So it might be (and I don't know the numbers, you'd have to google) that they will spawn at 20 blocks from a player, but only within a 100 block radius of that player...

So essentially you'd want to then be no more than 100 blocks away from your spawner, but no closer than 20 to it. (whatever the number is)

Some people's spawners use multiple levels with flowing water in a sort of + type configuration, channeling down into a hole in the centre. The idea being that the mobs will spawn on the non-water surfaces, fall/walk into the water and be pushed along, falling down the hole onto the layer below (or right down to the catchment area if you like). Doing that you can make a bigger spawner that has more surfaces for mobs to spawn on, increasing your loot.

Personally I've only ever made the other kind, where you take a mob spawner you find in the world and build a trap around those - I've used water channels around the dungeon room to take them into a water-elevator, then dropped them into a small hitting area - where you can 1 hit kill them with a bare hand, and you get loot and XP. (And since you're standing there punching them, you're getting all their drops and don't have to remember to come back for them)

With those I make an on/off switch by putting a torch recessed (or a glowstone block) in the ground on each side of the spawn cage (as in cage, spare block, recessed block) with a sticky piston wired up to cover the light-holes with the flick of a lever. So when the trap is "off" the piston is raised and the light from the torches lights up the spawner enough to stop it spawning anything. When the trap is "on" the pistons are lowered, covering the light blocks so the room goes dark and things spawn.

Bazz nearly killed our server once I recall.... he decided to go AFK in my mob trap to let the zombies collect a while so he had lots to kill.... and forgot to come back for a while..... So the server just about ground to a halt because there were TONS of zombies in the trap :D

So be careful about that!!

Bazz 4th February 2013 07:06 PM

er...ahem, I recall that:oops:

Another good tactic is the one used in the enderman farm - use the pressure plates to detect mobs, but they trigger a piston to push the mob off to it's death so the drops are at the bottom.

Also a good tactic if you for go for levels is to use vines to slow the mobs fall (again ala enderman farm) means all mobs fall is arrested at an exact height before falling again - means you can tune the drop to allow for max damage but not actual death - means you can kill them and get the xp with a single punch.

if you do want them to drop to their deaths....then have the floor as pistons so you can retract a block and the drop increases to death!

Fox 4th February 2013 07:58 PM

Hmm. Some great ideas here. I could put a piston half way down my fall to catch mobs then close the piston to complete the fall. I can make an overflow for mobs to wonder out if i leave it uattended for too long.

DaedalusAlpha 4th February 2013 11:34 PM

There are a couple of ways to kill monsters if you want it completely automatic;
* Dropped to their death - as mentioned above
* Lava "roof" 1 block above a water stream - will push mobs into the lava in head height and kill them (although there is a small risk that the drop gets incinerated)
* Cactuses - same as for lava, you push mobs into them with water, here as well the drop might get destroyed if unlucky.
* Two layers of water - one layer is in head height, resulting in the mob eventually drowning (they can't swim up in it due to the layer of air in between). The second level of water will still take the drop away safely. No risk of losing the drop.
* Crushing pistons - will essentially suffocate mobs as well

The four last options allow for easier placement as you don't need to worry about the required fall height, you can essentially build the spawner at any height. But they are on the other hand more advanced to build and get working correctly.

As per collecting the drops, doesn't the newest version of minecraft contain hoppers? But maybe that wasn't implemented in the current server version?

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