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Minecraft (Public) Build it and they will come

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Default How close is Minecraft to reality?

Komodo dragon attacks men in wildlife park office - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Perhaps Mo's Creatures and Minecraft is just a little unrealistic?

I remember camping in a National Park/State Forest as a kid whether the only toilet was a covered pit toilet, only no-one wanted to go to use it one day due to the huge racehorse goanna who had taken up residence on its roof.

We had a shovel but no sword. We waited for it to leave.


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Gotta be close I think....
Had a Python jump on my head in game, shit myself.

Pretty sure I'd do that in RL as well..........pretty sure....
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A slightly on topic article - a Bond University lecturer built a Minecraft Bond University and held a class there when people couldn't make it in due to the floods

A Port In The Storm: How One Professor Defied The Queensland Floods With Minecraft | Kotaku Australia

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Wonderful. It reminds me of the classes and press conferences that have been run in Second Life. I particularly like the use of XP as a reward. Better than the Mars Bars that a lecturer I know throws to students who get answers right.

I have always been wondering how I can get Minecraft into my classes. I am teaching Social Informatics this semester which is about the relationship between IT and society. Perhaps I can find something interesting to do there. The UN Habitat Block by Block project might be one to base a class around.


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What baffles me most about this...

400 years ago, the idea of flying was insanity.
40 years ago, the idea of a class without a class was insanity.
4 years ago, the idea of entire movies in 3D was insanity.

Then came the Wright Brothers.
Then came the Internet and the World Wide Web.
Then came James Cameron and "Avatar".

I'm almost scared to envision what 4 years, 40 years, 400 years from now will bring.
And also excited to the gills.

What's even odder is when I started at 400 and factored by 10 each time, it wasn't intentional. It just happened, and coincidentally lined up perfectly that 4 years ago was Avatar.

Knowing what I know about mathematics, there are NO coincidences, only probabilities.

Ho. Le. Crap.

=mind. Freaking. blown=
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