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Sorontar 15th February 2013 09:10 AM

A reminder about courtesy on our servers

The TOG Mindcrack server has let players do lots of new things in Minecraft, so many that occasionally players don't have the tools or resources on hand to complete their activities. Some players are willing to share access to their engines, etc in order to help new players get a start.

However, players must remember an important rule that applies throughout TOG - be courteous.

This means, don't expect that
  • if you can borrow or take something once, you can borrow/take it again
  • you can borrow or take something without telling the owner
  • if you can borrow/take one thing, then you can borrow/take anything
  • that anything in any chest is available
There have been a couple of incidents where things have been missing, but later returned. If the original owner is not informed of who has what, then this can be regarded as griefing. If you are not sure what you can or can't do in the game, I recommend you re-read the and talk to a moderator. If you realise that you might have slipped up, talk/PM the player concerned or a moderator.

Honesty, courtesy, politeness. They are all attributes we hope that all Toggers exhibit on our servers. We are a community of adults who enjoy Minecraft. Without the level of trust that comes with those attributes, the enjoyment is lessened.



Obsi 15th February 2013 10:22 AM

Just to add to the courtesy thing, please be aware that some players may not like people wandering around their house uninvited, especially while they are not on the server - particularly travels inside houses (as opposed to looking around an external garden or something less "private").

While some players are happy for people to have a good poke around and marvel at their creative genius any time they like, some will consider it an invasion if privacy if you let yourself in uninvited.

Think of it like this - some people in real life don't mind friends letting themselves into their houses. Others prefer everyone to knock on the door and wait to be let in. Some don't care if you peek in cupboards, or help yourself to the fridge, some would be highly offended.

So unless you know the person enough to know that they would be happy for you to let yourself into their house, it's a good idea to ask before you go visiting - and especially asking before using any machines.

Sorontar 15th February 2013 10:39 AM

But, likewise, it is against the spirit of the TOG servers for players to actively prevent other players from visiting their constructions. For this reason, the use of mods to "lock players out" or similar effects is not very polite. While we realise that you might want some areas of your work to be "secret", we ask that your general build be accessible so that players can marvel at your work, learn from your experience and may be offer some advice in return. As I said in the OP, without having trust in others, the benefits of TOG running servers is diminished. We are a community in TOG and in the division. We should also be one in-game.


Bazz 15th February 2013 10:54 AM

in short.....

dday_0612 15th February 2013 11:18 AM

I understand and agree with all being said here. I will share this with my daughters too.

Recently, we both used the chat system too much to communicate, and we wanted to apologize for that. We have both now learned about the /tell command :)

Both my daughters are in their teens and they are very aware of how important rules are. The are extremely careful to not break a single block that is not in our plot. Thanks for everybody's help and understanding!

Bazz 15th February 2013 11:26 AM

Hey Dday - /tell is good for one on one stuff, but always feel free to chat to other players (daughters included :D ) in general - half the stuff I learn is through player A explaining something to player B..... (whilst players c,d,e,f etc write notes!).
Were a community - chat on and off topic encouraged!

Espesh 15th February 2013 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by Bazz (Post 3774088)
Were a community - chat on and off topic encouraged!

+1 !

Irimar 15th February 2013 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Bazz (Post 3774055)
in short.....
(snipped picture)

I wouldn't exactly take a Biel-tan telling me to behave at face value. :p

Obsi 15th February 2013 03:05 PM


in general - half the stuff I learn is through player A explaining something to player B..... (whilst players c,d,e,f etc write notes!).

Mumble is also great for chatting to players and learning stuff, though it's often not particularly kid friendly chat happening in there :D

DarkDuck 15th February 2013 09:19 PM

As a standing offer, you are all welcomed to use my Workshop, the rest of the place explore sure, if you need something ask and i will lend or help out where I can,

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