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Default Players giving respect to the Admin team

Lately there have been a few in-game incidents where the Admin team isn't being given respect by players for doing their job. For instance, when the server was giving errors because of faulty combinations of energy and machinery. These faults may be due to bugs in the mod, but they have resulted in the Admin team having to request players to shut down particular machines. Today, it was a Recycler. Previously it has been Rotary Macerators and other machines.

Eventually these errors stop, but this means that someone knows a machine is faulty. However, turning them off is not enough. The Admin team needs to know which player's machine was broken so that it can be fixed so this doesn't happen again.

For this reason, we ask who turned their engines off. However, we do not always get an answer.Even if you are using someone-else's machine, we need to know which machines were turned off. This lack of a response is bad news for us and for the division. I remind players of one of the rules in the http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...e-conduct.html that you all agreed to play by:
Members of the Admin team may deactivate, modify or remove any devices that are causing harm to the server. Players will not be re-compensated for missing resources as a consequence but efforts will be made to save engines and machines.
The Admin team consists of me and HenriDeacon as DC and DVC. It consists of Exekewtable, Manuzza and Misnik as our Server Admins. It consists of Bazz, Obsi and DarkDuck as the in-game moderators. If we are wearing our mod hats, we expect an answer for the good of the division. If we are being mods, we can go anywhere. We need not explain why we are doing what we are doing, and can work outside the rules of the server when being mods. We do what we do for the good of the division and sometimes that requires secrecy and speed. It also requires respect from the players. Normally the Admin team are just players like you, following the same rules as you, but when we have to be mods, we have to do what we have to do for the good of the division.

I cannot put it any other way. Behaviour like this has previously resulted in players being removed from the whitelists and even being banned from TOG. If you will not work with TOG and TOG's rules and processes and how they are interpreted in this division, then you do not belong here. We play as a community. If players will not consider the good of the community when playing and respect the Admin team, then I must ask why you are playing here. Players need to work with us, not against us.


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