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Minecraft (Public) Build it and they will come

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Default TOG servers not updating yet to Minecraft 1.5

As per usual, we will not be updating the TOG servers to the new Minecraft 1.5 Redstone update (cf. http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...ml#post3792638 ) quite yet. Yes, we will be updating Mindcrack to v8 soon but unless they update to MC1.5 very quickly, that will still be MC 1.4.7.

Basically, in both cases, we are reliant on mods updating. They are reliant on their base API system updating (Forge and Bukkit), so they have to wait. Bukkit (and probably Forge) release updated development versions quickly but we try to wait for Recommended Build releases, because we know they have been well tested by the developers, the community and our Admin team.

It is always a guessing game as to how long it will take. Normally 2 weeks to a month. If Mojang keeps on releasing patched versions of MC 1.5, it may take longer.

So we advise you to keep multiple copies of Minecraft or use one of the version control programs. See http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...ml#post2967475 for help on that. FeedTheBeast has some version control built in (but it won't always give you different versions of the mods). If you need help, ask a moderator or administrator.

Be assured, we are eager to update, but we don't want the servers and the worlds to be unusable.



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Cheers. Im happy to wait a few weeks for releases that are tried and proven.

The wait for 1.4.7 is now long forgotten now that frontier is updated to 1.4.7 and the wait for a stable 1.5 will be equally forgotten in due course.
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