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Question What would you want as a new vanilla-ish server?

As we change to a new server host, we may set up a vanilla-ish server like Frontier or Sanctuary. This would probably be run using Bukkit, so what would you like in it, compared to Frontier?
  • Harder, easier or same difficulty?
  • Survival or Creative?
  • Are there any server mods you would like included?
  • Nothing but bare bones survival (so no tping)?
  • Kits of basic tools to be available on demand?
  • Harder or easier mobs?
  • No monsters at all?
  • Adventure/Challenge maps instead of a constant world?
  • Anything else?

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Role playing, like an economy and quests and things. Shops. Market/trades. v1.5+ umm Lockable chests. I'm a bukkit fan but meh, all that is transparent to the player ... I'm sure I'll think of other things.
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I've found it nice to have frontier to go to when things aren't working out with the more complex server. Vanilla is also a totally different play style which I appreciate.

- normal difficulty is the best balance of challenge and freedom I feel
- I think creative mode is only for testing things or for children (no offense to anyone, just how it is for me)
- TPing is nice - like you said it facilitates community. And saves a heck of a lot of time. I regard it as optional though.
- if mods were included, I would not want them to detract from the way 'macro-mechanics' are required in vanilla, as opposed to the 'micro-mechanics' that dominate Mindcrack. (It needs to maintain its 'vanilla essence')
- kits of basic tools available on demand? Maybe when you first join the server, but no more. And of course if you're visiting the server for a boss killing event where we all get owned repeatedly...

I plan to live primarily on the Mindcrack (or whatever replaces it) server, so I would subordinate my thoughts on the above to those of the people who will actually frequent the Vanillaesque server.

Edit: Just saw Fox's post. I second his ideas.

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Vanilla? Rail network is a must.

I really liked the Wild West, and hunger games.

Maybe adventure maps/resetable hunger games?
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I doubt I would go near a vanilla server again (or anything near vanilla). Mindcrack has done its job of addicting me (and personally I like complex things).
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I like Fox's idea.
If I ever went back to a less modified server, it would be for a RPG style play.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure it's possible without quite a few mods.
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Adventure maps, economy, PvP events.

I'll re-create Hunger City as an Adventure map with plenty of added surprises.

Massive community builds like a fleet of starships.

Zones and theme areas, the Wild West was great fun to build.

As for mods, maybe something that adds additional blocks suitable for adventure mode.

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I would like a train mod like on FTB, as well as ones that add things like wagons and rpg elements, also a good bukkit magic type mod like ars I would love.

basically mods that extend but not replace minecraft, foxes idea's are awesome too.
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One thing i HIGHLY recommend, which we did on FTB, is make good use of individual map files.

Knowing where one save file stops and the next starts was brilliant. The ability to paste in a single file was great (like recovering a players home).

For example, on Frontier i can reset the Wither Cage in 2 minutes by pasting the map file in.

On Mindcrack we have the Spawn area as a single map file.

We could also use a similar method for pasting in people's own creations for adventure maps.

The save file borders are easy to mark on Day 1 by pasting in a random area and 'trace' around it.

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Similar to that, on either server it would be cool to have the ability to secure territories to limit the users that can alter their contents. Eg if we have lots in a city, each player's lot could be secured so that only they could alter blocks and interact with placed objects on it. This helps with any security concerns.
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