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Originally Posted by white_bear_84 View Post
Bioshock Infinite is the bomb.. ..best game to come out in a long time, its so much fun
^ This

(and been playing a bit of warframe)

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catching up on my steam games
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Originally Posted by xenoph View Post
Some of us Europeans who found the lag on the MC servers a bit too much are playing on a server I host.
('some of us' being only 4, really)

Wondering if a NA server would improve it enough that we can join up with TOG later on.

Always had major laggz (latency) when playing on Oceanic servers (apart from SWTOR where it was minimal). Therefore i tend to stick to either my continental servers (EU) or the NA which tend to be good lag/latency wise.
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I'm still tinkering on Frontier - chiefly on weekends.
My stop motion channel

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Still unpacking from the move.
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Working on my backlog of games. Still have 5-6 I haven't even installed yet.
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Ive mostly been hanging with the mumble crew.
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Trying to finish bioshock infinite on 1999 mode.
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I've been rather busy, moved house earlier in the year and haven't finished the unpacking and now that Game of Thrones is back there goes more time, also found some new TV shows on Hulu to watch so there goes more time.
So then they go and release 2 of the best games ever, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite and there goes even more time but now those have finished I'm still too busy to find time to play games.
That and I kinda got over FTB and am waiting for Frontier to be upgraded as I have some cool projects to work on in my hotel with redstone

All in all very busy
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Mostly work stuff. Got my Notary for my Local US State, and soon to be the Manager at my office.

Also catching up on my game backlog. Finished Bioshock:infinite on Hard mode, starting 1999, also thinking about maybe finally finishing Skyrim rather than randomly wandering around. currently Level 24 and just now talked to the GreyBeards on my newest rogue like character.

And Anime, the new season started in Japan recently
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