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Exclamation New structure for the Division


This year there have been many changes in the Minecraft Division. We have introduced heavily modded Feed The Beast servers. There have been many new members. We need to find a new server host. Minecraft itself is always changing with the official API hopefully reaching us sometime this year. We always have to adjust to try and accommodate these changes. Sometimes this hasn't always worked out. As a result, the Admin team has stepped back and reflected on what has happened in the past and debated what we can do for the future.

The decision was to only run a single 'almost vanilla' Survival Minecraft server, but to provide a forum for and recognition of some of the servers that the TOG community runs. The Frontier server will be the only official TOG server, but we will help promote some of your servers, provided that a set of conditions are met. If you want to run a FTB Ultimate server for Toggers, you can and we will give you a voice in the Division as its World Architect. You can set the rules, define the server mods, assign who is in your World Admin team and handle the moderation for your world. All we require is that you let any Togger on the Frontier whitelist join in. In turn, we expect any Togger to follow your rules as well as the TOG Code of Conduct.

This does not mean that the old Mindcrack world is lost. We are happy to give the Mindcrack world data files and some of the configuration files to any World Architect that wants to use them. For now, we won't be releasing them to the players so that they can't be misused for personal advantage, but World Architects should note that no one server will have exclusive access to the Mindcrack world. Likewise, no one server will have exclusive rights to any modpack, but no server can have a set up close to that of Frontier.

The old Sanctuary world files will be made available for downloading by all in the near future. We will also change our focus to establishing a new host for Frontier.

So if you wish to host a Minecraft server and have assistance from the Division, read the conditions in the next post and contact me. It will take a while to change the forum and stickies.


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The division will run a Bukkit server as the official TOG server and will support approved player-administrated servers.

The Bukkit server
  • A vanilla-ish survival server in the style of Frontier using Bukkit or a similar mod API.
  • Administered by Toggers under the control of the Division
  • The Division's existing server rules will apply to this server and may be changed by the Division.
  • The world/server may occasionally be replaced by other maps and associated mods for special events.

The allied servers
  • The Division will also help promote servers run by Toggers who are on the Division's whitelist.
  • Such servers will be administered by the Togger, not the Division.
  • The server will be granted a sub-forum in the Division for all relevant server discussions.
  • Each server will have a main World Architect, who shall be ranked in TOG at the same level as a Guild/Clan Leader. They will be part of the Architectural Board sub-forum where they can discuss any issues common to the various servers.
  • Each server may also have its own administration team which will have a private sub-forum for their server. In the Division, the team will consist of the World Architect and their World Foremen (ranked in TOG like Guild/Clan Officers), but within the server they can go by whatever titles the server administration deems suitable.
  • It is up to the server's administration team to define the world, required mods and rules and moderate the gameplay. They are also responsible for running the server, establishing its hosting and raising any funds necessary.
  • The server must allow any Togger on the Division's whitelist to join. It is up to the server administration to decide whether to let non-Toggers on.
  • If it is deemed necessary by the server's administration team, penalties and punishments can be applied to players like restricted access, demotion of rank, and temporary suspension from the server. However, each Togger playing on the server is expected to participate on a server according to the standard TOG Code of Conduct, as they would in any other game, as well as adhering to any rules set by the server administration.
  • If any Togger's behaviour becomes a major problem on a server, the server administration can privately present evidence of the misbehaviour to the Division's Admin team. The Division will then judge whether the guilty player stays on the Division's whitelist and whether it needs to be reported higher up in TOG.
  • If a server's administration wishes to permanently expel a Togger from the server, they must discuss it with the Divisional admin team first. This does not prevent them from suspending the player's access to the server whilst they are under consideration.
  • If a Togger has a complaint about whether the server is managed fairly and according to the TOG Code of Conduct, then they can present evidence to the Division's Admin team. The Division's Admin team will then consider the complaint and follow it up with the server's World Architect. If deemed necessary, the Divisional support for the server may be removed.
  • No server can be set up as a rival to the official Divisional Bukkit server, with similar server settings and requirements.

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Divisional Hierarchy

Division Captain - Sorontar
Vice Division Captain - HenriDeacon

World/Project/Spleef Architects
World Foremen

Forum Structure

The forum structure will be changed to accommodate the new servers allied to TOG. To help explain how this will look, I have made an example.

The Division may have the following:
  • Frontier - the official TOG server
  • Apple - a FTB Ultimate server run by Mr A and Ms B
  • Pear - a Bukkit Creative server run by Mr C
  • Banana - a FTB Mindcrack server (plus a few mods) run by Mr D
So Mr D and Mr C would be regarded as World Architects. Mr A and Ms B would have to decide who is their World Architect so there is one voice per server on the Architectural Board. All their sysops and moderators would be treated as World Foremen.

The forums would look like
  • Minecraft (Public)
    • Minecraft (TOG Members)
    • Miners' Gallery (Public)
    • Feed The Beast (Public)
    • Spleef Space (Public)
    • Admin Central (Private)
      • Admin Block (DC, VDC)
      • Frontier Admin (DC, VDC, Frontier Admin team)
      • Architectural Board (DC, VDC, World Architects)
    • Apple (TOG Members)
      • Apple Admin (DC, VDC, Apple World Admin team)
    • Pear (TOG Members)
      • Pear Admin (DC, VDC, Pear World Admin team)
    • Banana (TOG Members)
      • Banana Admin (DC, VDC, Banana World Admin team)
Under this structure, the rules and discussions of each private server is restricted to the server's sub-forum. Discussion relating to the TOG Frontier server will be continued in the main public forum. The moderators and administrators in the present Divisional Administration team who wish to continue as such will be shifted to the Frontier Admin team. The new Divisional admin team wil consist of the DC and VDC.

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I want to run a Mindcrack server but there is already a similar server allied with TOG. Can I start my own one?

Sure, the only type of server you can't run is one that is in competition with any official Divisional server. I am sure that players will find that no world or server is identical, especially if it uses a lot of mods.

I don't like the Togger named XYZ. Can I not let him on my server?

Part of your agreement to be allied with this Division is that any Togger we let on the Division's server should be let on yours. In turn, we expect them to behave themselves and follow your rules and the TOG Code of Conduct. If you then find that any Togger is particularly disruptive to your server and personal discussions haven't resolved this, then contact the Division's Admin team and we will discuss it with you. Be sure to provide the Admin team with any evidence of the disruptive behaviour that you have.

The sysops on the Banana World are making my life hard.

If you think the admin team for an allied server aren't giving you personally a fair opportunity to play on their server, but are giving such an opportunity to others, then contact the Division's Admin team. Again, provide evidence if you can. We will find out what is happening from the the World Architect and decide whether the player or the server admin team need to make changes for the server support to continue.

I want to add my best mate Steve to my server, but he isn't in TOG. Does he have to play by their rules?

You can add anyone to your server, young or old. They will have to go by your server rules and won't be added to the Division's whitelist unless it is requested through the normal thread.

Steve has ended up as a griefer, and I want to remove him from my server. Do I need to talk to the DC about that?

If Steve is not on the Division's whitelist and is not a Togger, then you are welcome to remove him. Otherwise, the World Architect needs to discuss the player's conduct with the DC or VDC first.

I am on the Division's whitelist but I am not a Togger. What are these other servers you are talking about and how do I join them?

Initially, the subforums for the allied servers will be set up as accessible only to TOG members, so general members of the TOG forum will not be able to see them. This may later change.

If you are too young to join TOG or do not wish to join, then you can always contact the World Architect about joining their server as a nonTogger. Their details will be placed in a sticky thread in the Division's public forum.

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If you wish to comment on these changes, please go to http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...structure.html


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