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Default silk touch spawners

Can I? Will the spawner be preserved? On 1.4.7?
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I believe that they prevented it from happening in vanilla Minecraft.

From the wiki: Enchanting - Minecraft Wiki
Items which can be obtained legitimately only through use of Silk Touch: grass block, coal ore, lapis lazuli ore, diamond ore, redstone ore, emerald ore, ice, powered redstone lamps, huge mushroom blocks, mycelium, cobweb. Silk Touch does not work on: cake, carrots, cocoa pod, dead bush, fire, double slabs, farmland, melon and pumpkin stems, monster spawner, nether wart, potatoes, snow, tall grass, wheat, sugar cane.

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yeah you cannot remove spawners in pretty much any mod, you can move em in mods but not mine em and move em. especially in vanilla.
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