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Default TOG Sanctuary world available for download

When Minecraft 1.0 was launched in Nov 2011, we started a new world - Sanctuary. Initially we were without Bukkit and its mods, so we were restricted to a small area so as to not over-explore the world. We made a great little community village then finally were able to use Bukkit and expand the world. Players were initially in Survival mode with no monsters but later were allowed to change modes.

Over time, this world was used less as Frontier was added as a second server until it was finally replaced by the FTB servers.

But now, it is available for you to download from DropBox. There are two zip files - one for the data for the Overworld and one for the Nether and the End. They are set up for Bukkit, so they are in named directories, not Dim directories.

Sanctuary Server:
Server Version: Bukkit for 1.3.2
Maps: Sanctuary map
Claims: Sanctuary claims
The links can also be found in http://www.theoldergamers.com/forum/...ml#post3523655 .

A simplified png map will be made available in coming days.


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Does it matter which version of mc i have? Can i walk this world with 1.5.1? The new stuff wont be there obviously but i can still explore?
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Yes Sanctuary will work with 1.5.1 and 1.6 when that is out. The new blocks should all be available to use as it doesn't depend on the map.

So things like redstone blocks will be in your creative inventory.

There won't be emeralds in the ground, but they will be in spawnable.

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