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Exclamation Status update: Please Read

Hi, folks.
I've been digesting the contents of past admin discussions and thinking about where we go from here. Here's some plans for the immediate future.

I am transferring Frontier to a new host. This will be an experiment to see how people's connectivity and play experience is. I've picked something fairly inexpensive, and once we ascertain that the hosting meets our needs, we'll have to discuss how it gets funded going forward. I've already been contacted privately with offers to help out on that front, so I'm confident that it won't be a problem. I'll post the server details in the coming week once I'm satisfied that it's up and stable.

I've also been giving some thought to vanilla creative. Usage of our creative worlds in the past has always been in fits and starts, with a lot of activity at the outset, and then tapering off rapidly. I have some ideas about how to provide a creative world if people are interested, but I'll have to do some testing.
That being said, I'd like to hear from everyone about whether there is interest in a creative world. If so, should we resurrect Sanctuary, or should we start anew? If we start a new creative world, I could provide a download of the Sanctuary world file to anyone interested.
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I know I would play in a creative world with a couple of other toggies if one is started up for tog. New map or old map it does not matter to us.
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Default Creative World

I agree with Fate. Thanks for the effort Irimar
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all sounds good Irimar I would use creative if there was one, new or the old doesn't really matter to me although Daz n I had a pretty cool place but would be just happy to have the choice to play on a creative server.... I didn't use it all the time but did love to log in when I just felt like a cruisey game of MC without getting killed all the time
great job

Thank you Chiack

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Only a relative MCn00b, but I'd use a creative server.
And being relatively slow to jump on the MC bandwagon, I'd be interested in exploring Sanctuary, from the screenies I've seen.
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