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Default Status update II: Son of the status update

There are a few things of note.

First, Sanctuary is back and ready for use. Through the door labeled 'Sanctuary' in the Frontier spawn base, there is a portal of sandstone and glowstone. Stepping through it will transport you to the Sanctuary spawn. The portal in the basement of Sanctuary town hall will bring you back to Frontier. The system keeps separate inventories for each world. It is not possible to transport items between worlds. Sanctuary's warps aren't currently working, but it is possible to add new ones.

Secondly, I'd like to address Feed The Beast. It's still quite a popular selection of mods, and quite a lot of people are playing it. Given its popularity, I feel it behooves the division to offer it as an option. I've debated how best to do that quite a bit. Since there is an existing server running FTB Ultimate that has a large number of players from the division already on it, it seems best to integrate the existing server rather than creating a new one that won't see much use because people are already playing somewhere else. The details for the Serenity FTB server will be posted in servers thread.

Now, Serenity and Frontier are both running on paid hosts. It will take community funding to keep them going. Donating is completely optional and anonymous, and donating does not confer any privileges. In fact, I don't want to see any discussion of who donated or didn't, or how much. I will delete any threads of that nature. If you need to talk to someone about donating, PM me. DeeP and TAZZROK will be handling the funds, overseen by me. There will be a sticky updated regularly with the current funds in the pool, along with information about how to contribute. If at any time there aren't sufficient funds to continue paying for a server, the server will be shut down.

Changing topic:
I'd like to start holding regular community meetings in TeamSpeak. Let's aim for the first Saturday in July, morning NSW time. That will be Friday night for the North American people, so it should work out. I realize that not everyone is wiling or able to get on TS, but it seems the most effective way to get everyone together to talk. We can get more specific about the time later this week.
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cool this sounds great
can't wait to test it out later on
Serenity server has been going great (when I get the chance to visit)
Great way to have meetings we used to do it all the time in the 2142 division are you going to use the Public ts or Private ts ???
terrific work ya doing Irimar most appreciated

Thank you Chiack

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Awesome news Irimar I love the portal to Sanctuary seriously cool idea and looks after all vanilla flavours
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sounds good. I'm sure this community is generous and can step up to the challenge of donating.
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so far so good

Minecraft isn't Minecraft after playing Feed The Beast
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Sanctuary is back .. awesome; I can go back to complete the treehouse near spawn
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Awesome news! Love having the 2 worlds linked
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