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Exclamation Java and you

As I'm sure most of you are not aware, ongoing support for version 6 of Java ended this past week. As Minecraft is a Java based game, I thought this might be of some interest to the community.

You can get Java 7 from java.com: Java + You. However, simply installing it will not remove Java 6. It would be best, if you can, to completely remove Java 6 and install Java 7 alone.

There will never be another update to Java 6 to address any issues with bugs or security exploits going forward, so it's probably best to get rid of it.
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Interesting. I wonder if this will affect any of my java hack programs. I did a few in netbeans that I am currently redoing for work. I used the 7EE for most of my programming, so this should be a nonissue.
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Interestingly, Minecraft 1.6 will only work for Java 6 or higher. So any earlier Java will need to be updated by players. Mojang is just that one step behind it seems.


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I sincerely hope no one is running an older Java than 6 at this point. 5 was dropped from support quite some time ago.
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Did they end up fixing the security vulnerabilities in vers 7?
I would link to source but I CBA.
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