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Default Networking 2 home computers for Minecraft without internet access

I have been trying to configure my 9 year old's computer to run Minecraft on our home server, but without letting her have internet access. So far, I have tried putting parent controls on her pc, but that makes pop-ups from Windows show up every 5 minutes asking for administrator password. This wont do. I want her to be able to play Minecraft, create a server on her laptop, and let my computer and other local computers access the server she creates.

We are all using Windows 7 and a wifi home network. My wife and I decided that her computer cannot have any internet access, so I am baffled as to how to allow her machine to run a minecraft server that is accessible to our other computers.

Any suggestions? I was working with different modes in Window's firewall, but don't see a clear path.


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By setting the proxy server in internet settings to (the loopback address), this will not stop the machine having network connectivity but it will stop the users on that machine from browsing the internet.

It's a bit of a quick fix but the first thing that comes to mind. Or maybe get a second router, a wireless one and use that as your home network but don't let it connect to your service provider?
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Thanks! Will try that first one now.
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You may be able to block internet access for that pc on the router. Been a while since I looked at router configs, but should be possible
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So I know this might not seem as practical but it was the best choice I could find with my daughter.

The main computer in the house, I replaced with Windows 8. It has awesome parental controls compared to past Windows versions. I was able to create her a "kids" email address(which is actually tied to your email address, so you get weekly account activity logs) to connect with her windows account, which then I could completely control everything she can do on the internet. So she can visit the different minecraft wiki's and other little kids websites that I have already approved.
If she tries to venture away from these webpages, it will give a stop window and tell her to ask her parents for permission to access it. You, the parent, then has to go over to the computer and enter your own password before she can view it.

It works great at giving her a "little" freedom without completely closing off the internet from her.
Plus with Windows 8 new "Start" screen. You can put all her book marks and program shortcuts you allow her to use. No tradional desktop at all.

( I got a little off from my original thought)
Anyway, my original thought was that in windows 8, she will still have "internet access" without internet access. You can just block her from being able to visit any websites.

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Thanks for the idea. Right now, the feedback loop is working, as it blocks browser access to the internet, but lets Minecraft do its thing. Later, we will upgrade to Windows 8 and try the parent control. In WIndows 7, the parental controls are a huge hassle. Thanks again.
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