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I'm actually glad we can have an actual discussion with differing opinions without taking anything personally. Love TOG.
Even now you can not config all the changes Greg makes.
Immbis wrote code to stop Gregtech from hacking Immbis' coded recipes so Greg responded with the pumkinhead and code that made sure his mods' recipes were loaded last(Unconfiguable by the way)... just like mDyio did.

But as you say it seems to be a history of these incidents with tit for tat responses and childish coding from Greg.

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Cool stories bros.

<3 TOG
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The fact is he specifically writes his mod to make it hard to revert changes and some do not even have the option to change, goes against everything the rest of the mod community strives for.

There is nothing gregtech offers that one of the other mods can't do in some capacity, and really the "gregtech curve" can be easily exploited once enough raw materials are gathered and leads to the creation of massive machines that really as far as a server load standpoint is concerned would benefit without his mod.

Case in point, my ridiculous contraption to fuel the fusion reactor with 4 industrial elec and 15 centrifuge extractors not to mention all the item sorters etc to run it, and that was to keep it running at the minimum!
Where as you could just tweak the mass fab numbers to match the matter fab and you would not need all the extra stuff.
Not saying it was not fun engineering the thing but there comes a point where his mod will become so ridiculous in complexity it will only be able to be run either by itself or offline.

But at the end of the day with his mod or without it, as long as we keep getting new stuff to mess around with together it matters not.

But boy did this give me a chuckle.
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if your name is Immibis or mDiyo ingame then you will be wearing a pumpkin ALWAYS.
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