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Oops. I just realized that this question had already been answered.

Question deleted.
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Thanks for the assists guys,

Tried the run as admin, still no joy.

Will jump on the FTB forums when I feel properly motivated, but at least I haven't missed something obvious.
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I'm sorry, but I'm entirely out of ideas.
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This sounds awfully much like a firewall issue. When you turned it off are you absolutely sure it really got entirely turned off? Are you sure you don't have a secondary firewall somewhere, perhaps connected to a virus guard?

Have you tried launching FTB on another computer on the same network?
Might also be a routing issue if you are behind a router?
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Good news is I got it going,

Seems like for some reason my PC could not resolve login.minecraft.net
seems FTB uses it, but the minecraft launcher doesn't

put in a manual route to the IP address for my machine and it now works.

Not sure why, but at least it works now
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