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Default Bizarre World Seed

This is going to sound odd, but I've spawned a world in vanilla minecraft with the seed '-466412996', and it seems to be wrong somehow. None of the villages that AMIDST said would be there were, and the biomes seem to mesh strangely. I'm seeing natural formations that I've never seen anywhere. Like an Extreme Hills wave type hill sticking out over the ocean, ravines on the beaches that go down almost to bedrock, lava pits that are 1 block high at layer 32 with nothing but sky above them. It is absolutely bizarre. Can someone else please check this out?
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Seems Mojang have taken some pointers from Extrabiomes and Biomes o plenty and have improved terrain generation.
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yup seems like a cool seed to me, 1.6 (what I ran it in) has had huge changes over past minecraft versions and it appears to me that the world gen has been radically overhauled.

Like Gedarn said, I would put money on the fact that they have taken hints from other mods, after all they have the bukkit crew with them now, that will mean new things on the horizon.
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