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Originally Posted by Towel View Post
On another note too, what's happening to frontier? It's a ghost town right now... 1.6.2 and horses anyone?
Bukkit for 1.6 isn't ready yet, so neither are the plugins used for server management.
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Default Serenity

I have enjoyed Serenity and thank everyone for their amazing efforts. I agree with Brew. I would have liked a world that stays constant so I can keep revisiting to improve and or extend my work. I never seem to finish before that world ends. I wonder if it is possible to keep one world the same and change others around it? That way we could work on old projects and have something new as well. I realise my opinion is in the minority possibly but I offer it in case it might be of some help.

I too still enjoy Frontier and have unfinished work there.

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I am probably the newest member of the server but I have been through many restarts elsewhere and am happy to do so again. every time I do it I improve my builds and machinery layouts etc. and slowly delve deeper into any mods I haven't tried. My main reason for coming back to TOG was for the community which I lost on another server and I can clearly see that this server is tired and old with low usage. a reset will get people back again and I look forward to having a few more active minecraft neighbours.
I guess what I am saying is i don't care too much about which modpack is used (although gregtech does suck) and i enjoy both machines and magic mods, but mostly I would like to see some community builds and involvement again as it seems to be the most enjoyable part of minecraft.

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Originally Posted by Irimar View Post
Bukkit for 1.6 isn't ready yet, so neither are the plugins used for server management.
I'm just a hanger on round here, really only interested in a fresh up to date vanilla server, but as this seems to rely on bukkit, guess that's not going to happen
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Like Brew and some of the others, I am a pretty casual gamer. At this point I typically only jump on during my lunch hour. I am more into exploration than building so a server reset would not affect me all that much one way or another. I am enjoying the extra magic, the other worlds (like Twilight) and the nature stuff such as bees. Other than creating simple engines, Gregtech is too complex for me be interested in dedicating the time to learn and mess with. However I don't care if it's in there if others want to play with it. The only aspect that will lessen my interest in playing is PvP. I like cooperative play not competitive.
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